Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rat...Cleaning up our great nation. ..2012

We suck as country..Thanks to not only our worthless president but our entire buddy system of DC..Untill we as the people take back what is ours nothing will change..Rat's tossing his skull cap in the ring...my platform. ...
Start where the heart of the problem begins..our founding father served our country for pride and honor..lets go back to it..salaries will not exceed $100,000..president, Congress or Senate. .same health care as is forced on the people and no retirement. .
If we don't have a balanced budget in place no one in the senate or congress is to be paid..all pay is lost in the period of no budget..Seniors and military will always be the first persons paid in the event of no budget. .Social Security and Milatary retirement is the first thing we fund..
Wars are to be fought by our military not our politicians. .
We will no longer give aid to countries who want nothing more than to see us dead..Stupid research and feeding and providing health care to any other country until we can care for our own..
Close our boards...want in do it legally. .not here legally go home and start over..
Change our presidents term to 3 years..limit 2 terms. Limit one 6 year term in the Senate and 3 terms of 2 years in the house..
All new legislation to be posted for the people to reveiw 10 days prior to vote..
Abolish all green legislation and disband the EPA..
The government does not create jobs,enter or interfering with private business. .no more Fanny Mae..Freddy Mac..bank or business bailouts. .
Sell the post office to private industry.
More to come...toss the tramps in 2012


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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by hitting the next blog button at the top of the page. I didn't think I would care for anything you would write about as I care nothing for motorcycles. But when I started reading, all I could say was " go, Rat go!" I totally agree with your political leanings. Kick all the bums out, deems and republicans both, and start over with people who are not career politicians!

KYKramer said...

maybe add one more thing, how about a short test on current affairs and AMERICAN HOSTORY before you are eligible to vote, and I'm talking every election. Dumb shits voting is how we got where we are. If you don't know where you've been, how can you know where your headed.

Scott said...

Polititians and the UN get us in one war after the other...lose them then profit on the fallen...You speak on bro.