Friday, March 22, 2013

Balance. .

Your first step ,your first attempt at balance..Balance was important and always part of life as you pass through your youngest years as we grow older its a natural part of no longer have to think about it. .as we grow older balancing your tires or check book maybe the only time we think about it..

Sunshine we have finally found what it is that makes what we share so special. .its the balance. .we tried our balance on the tight ropes and the super highways. .we found balance the hard way..we didn't even know it..Balance is a morning smile...drying dishes. .only pushing the buttons that have happy faces on them..Its letting you be you. ..taking out the trash or walking the dog. .when you change the flat on the car while I watch a Giant's game..couldn't help it..its sharing our days and the TV remote..its sharing wind on cold spring morning. .making breakfast together..its not worrying about tomorrow until is yesterday. .

Its sitting on the back porch..huddled up on that old well worn couch. ..just holding on in comfortable silence. .sharing a smile and letting our today's fade away too our tomorrows ..tomorrow starts a new wonderful chapter in our lives...its the day we dreamed of in many ways and on many days..its finally came...Love you always and ever..met me on the old couch hugs..

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