Friday, January 25, 2013

The rat the weasel and the toad..a truck stop love story..

Been awhile so bear with there are no bears in the story..a rat, a weasel and a toad..bit role by a the toad is only here to keep the flies from snatching this story before its posted..toads don't say much anyway..Here goes..enjoy..
Rat been pounding gears and fighting snow for 10 hours time to stop..remembered that little sleazy truck stop outside Butt Montana. .I know missing an E..ever been to Butt in January its butt E this time..Now the rat being highly skilled and over trained in the art of truck wrestling pulls the big peterbuilt into the lot..ya got a new petrrbuilt..not many people can say that. .damn dirty minds..picks him out a spot to back her into..well 3 hours later, much unsavory language and a couple of broken mirrors later it done and parked..Don't sweat it he cheats his log books.time just disappears. .
So sitting back doing paperwork he here this light tap, tap, tap on the truck..looks down see a lizard standing there..the infectious type..Lot Lizard..Rats a kind man and had noticed a weasel parked next to him so least he can do is point the Lizard in the right direction as he rolls down the window he hears the familiar Honey do you the rat stops her mid sentence. .lady..lizard what ever you might be sorry but got a full jar of vasaline right in the back..but there is a weasel parked right next to me..might try there..didn't have to mention don't date outside my species. .
Rat hears that gentle knock. .Lizard in..good that might keep the weasel quit..can't trust a damn weasel no way..keep them flies out here mister toad..
The next morning through the butt freezing snow rat heads in for coffee. .low and behold there stands the weasel...sad weasel..Rat feels consoling this morning and asked hey brother what's up..The weasel looks up and hacks a few times..hangs his head and says he been robbed and given the flu..did ya see that lizard around my truck last night..rat has to plead the 5th with a ya cup ya weasel..
Moral of this story is Rats always figure out how to be self sufficient. .always need to know where your weasel is..toads saved the flies from stealing this tale.. Been a long rough and tumble one..gonna leave it at that..found out we have a guardian angel...when they whack you with the club pay close attention..thank you..this one was all you..the Rat

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