Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Like a Virgin

There are few things in life like losing your virginity. .but you lose it not only in the back seat of your moms car but in many ways through out life..Like the first time you feel that big V-Twin thumping power the lenght of your spine...

Must of been 1974 or 1975 my big ugly ass cousin came pulling into the driveway..had no seen him in a couple years..I was the first one out the door when I heard that rumble..The big man reached down and switched off the key..put his arm around me and gave me a big hug..Now at that age a man hugging me was off limits..Today its a sign a brother or sistership..we all rambled back in the house. .

About and hours later he caught me staring at that bastard hardtail..half breed pan shovel..Felt that big harry hand on my wanna it ride boy...
My heart jumped..sure..he handed me the key..never forget those pocket worn shiny Harley wings. .let show you how to start it..and walked me through the gears and brakes..told me be safe..enjoy..

Reached out and twisted that throttle just a hair..felt that vibration. .rumbling in my ear..I could see the big man smiling..I pulled the clutch and kicked it down into first. .load heart was racing..hands sweaty on the grips..slow twist and release I feel it start to move..

Lived out on country land..nothing for miles..hit the street..nervous as a virgin on prom night..twisted it back..Klack..second gear..Klack ..theirs gear..klack. .fourth body and machine melting together..heart racing..not from fear from the body and soul knowing where they belonged...I rode. .seemed like a minute was closer to an hour..

I pulled back in the driveway..knowing the big mans gonna be pissed..he come walking out of the house. .smiling...I handed him the keys..He just said ain't nothing like it is there..

My cousin Randy was killed in Viet Nam about 7 months later..we drove to Modesto for the funeral. .I cried that day..was along time till I ever really cried again..I took that bastard pan/shovel home that day in boxes. .he was rebuilding when the draft got him..enough parts to build two bikes..spent many lonely nights in the garage..with an old chiltons guide and dads tool box. .thought of Randy handing me the keys that day many time..miss ya big man