Sunday, March 24, 2013

The joys of happy..sharing the ride. .our dreams of tomorrow

Such a long winding road we have traveled. .The miles have always been our enemy today they are our release. .time ticked away three years to reach this day..we found it and lost it at times but our heart always won out over our minds..Our day is near and so are you..How we held this bond our love will never be known..we lived and we loved we cried and we have grown..I want to share the dream with we pack our bags and count our blessing this my Sunshine is our ride..the first one of forever..

The vows are said..the cake is gone hands have been shaken and many hugs well wishes..we packed the bike before being forever joined..we married wearing leather..all that's left is turn the key..for the first time we will share life  together and free..I feel your arms tight around me as I reach up and turn the key..push the button to freedom and hear the low roar..vibrations and thunder the feeling I have knowing your there..With me for life this first ride we will share..

A light snow and chill in the air with warmth wrapped around me and the freedom of the wind we don't care. .And the ride was a short one thank you mother nature...slow wind through the snow and roll the new in next to the old..the shovel still doesn't like company but maybe these two will get along..throw a few logs in the fireplace and sit back on the old worn couch eating pizza and hoping the snow breaks..could never ask for anything more than laying back with you in my was our day..our needs are met... the dream came true.. .last of our day..only thing left is figuring our drivers side and passenger side..Thank you for the start of a wonderful life..Love you mucho..Chiquita Senorita Del Sol...biggest Hugs

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