Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mormons and cigarette butts..

Mormons are a strange breed sort of moronic robotic in their quest for a few wives or money..Money of course is number most religions..praise the lord and pass the mighty dollar. .So in a quest for the truth it was discovered that they also loved big trucks..not the whoo hooo four wheel drive red neck toys but the big stuff..Peterbuilts and Freighshakers..ya I'm a Peterbuilt guy. .

So having fallen prey to the Mormons I'm sitting here in one of their houses of worship. not in church but the demonic money pit know as a terminal. .once your here it's as close to terminal as it gets..sitting here watching as the new robots are being trained to replace the burned out robots most of who make it two weeks in the quest to steal some Mormon gold..shits hard to get and well protected. .Again like most religions Mormons will rape your ass and tell ya God made them do it...I fire up a smoke..

Now Mormons hate cigarettes they feel its a Pentacostal evil brought on by big tobacco and they don't own any stocks in it..So I'm smoking my evils and enjoying some refreshing rays of my Sunshine and I toss the first evil butt out the window..We have a wonderful of smiles and bad jokes..punch lines. with little punch that still bring smiles. .and I tossed a bunch of evil as day turns to night I have my daily brain fart and that of course induces more emotions that lead to well more the morning breaks..I hear my Sunshines sweet morning whisper or just the joyful sound of being woke up from a blissful rest that brings joy and well a few more you guessed it butts..

As I'm brew up the second pot thinking of Sunshine and the wonderful smiles that await the day the truck parked in front of me moves..low and behold my I be struck by lightning a big sign not from God but close from the Mormons. .the biggest sign in the whole damn place..DO NOT THROW OUT CIGARETTE BUTTS..Now damn I open the door for the first time in hours and there lies a 3 foot high pile of yup butts..long ones and short ones...just stacked to the bottom step...damn its about daylight. .see not to be confused with Sunshine. ..what should I do..Now not wanting to break the rules or better put not wanting to get caught breaking the rules I do what needs to be done..put the truck in gear and move to the empty space in front of the sign. .Good Morning again Sunshine. ..Hugs. ...

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