Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunshine and the Monkey Man...Reflections

Lots of people have read the storiies here over the last few years..Sunshines inspiration and a little push we decided to share some of our personal stories. ..a little bit of all we enjoy now two days before we make the commitment for a lifetime. .The blog is Sunshine and the Monkey Man..and here's a small taste of many...You will find the link on blogs to ride over too..enjoy.

Sometimes a story can have many meanings and each story shared has a meaning to Sunshine and the Monkey Man. .shared past memorys that are the same...only in different times and places..amazing how things work in this life. .other story are a dream or a though shared and given freely..other are putting away the things that keep life from moving forward. life as life always will..

Reflections today have new meanings as they will everyday..learning to let go and release the parts of our lives that both gave highs so very high and lows as low as the mind can go have been both hard and joyful. .Life as we learn has control and if we as what we are attempt to change it heart aches and pain are the results..maybe its the years we have or maybe it plain luck that what is shared today is a new and different world than one could imagine..

Having been one then none to reach the point of two sharing one goal happiness without restraints..For those who have never been there you probably will never understand for we still only know its a wonderful place and stopped asking how it works..Like the meaning of the word love..strong yet gentle..will love you always and forever has new meanings..its the same love with understanding. .life was and is in control and we are the pawns it plays try and change what is shared is no longer an option. .hopes are like dreams today..the more you hope the more distant the dream much hope puts life and what is true and real beyond our reach..

Everyday is a new adventure. .the highs are not as high and the lows easily overcome..It is finding life can be comfortable and having an ear..a shoulder a smile...not grasping for the heart strings not wishing for the commitments that bind lives to a we share happiness. .as true and as pure as we can..its where we never thought possible but with the strength we have always shared we again have made it work and work wonderfully. .I share this today as best I can..its been written and tried time and time again..its only touches the surface of your friendship and the true unrelenting and always forgiving love means to that bond that pulls us together there are not the right words to express it..Thank you Sunshine for a wonderful life..Love you mucho
.always and ever...Hugs


Anonymous said...

Always and Ever... Love ya mucho mas Cant wait for Saturday to arrive so Happy!!

Mike Weldon said...

Love you mucho....a day Sunshine. ..its our day.....happy Monkey. ..

Anonymous said...

A few last minute details to tend to and then we can kick back and relax enjoy a wonderful dinner... flip ya for the drivers side :P 3/23/13 have a cool tat design for us.. hurry home ... Love ya!! Hugs