Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winding down..

Its just around the corner less that two weeks away..Scooter will be here..Dreams of the future have began to fall into place..Its been a long hard trip with more ups and downs then a drive through Wyoming. .Elevated at times but the valleys we crossed were long and full of uncertainty. .we always climbed out..Its all about what's in your heart. .its always there and undying. .

This last leg of the journey Sunshine has been pure joys we missed. .Today I feel your joy from miles away just as I was holding you close..The calls and texts from those who love us and care have been enlightening and happy..I am coming home..for all the readers and followers thanks for keeping us inspired. .plans are to get this riding blog back in the dig up more old memories and to create our own to share...Lucky 13 Sunshine. ..time to grab a gear..Need those big warm hugs..


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