Monday, February 18, 2013

Tamales and Beer..

Friday night full of the Dirty beer and smelly bars..must of rode home and see a lump of snoring flesh on my couch. .Damn Ernie next time ya spend the night. .well I'm just guessing the last couple hours of it leave your damn boots on..Wake up your sweet woman is gonna beat both our asses..

Now knowing breakfast is the most important meal of the day we split a 6 pack of Coors and a bag of hot porkrinds..yummy..had to hit the shop and fine tune a machine. .Ernie call Maria bro..later dude she ain't gonna say nothing..she's making tamales for a party..Hey when we finish will go and throw a big munch..hey never turned down Maria's tamales and today ain't the day to start. .

It took a couple of hours for the residual hangover to start setting in..Dude lets go grab some brews and tamales. .first lets stop at Les & Lu's for some hair of the there are some fine scooter trash bars..there some so so scooter trash bars and then there was Les & Lu' it was the first place I ever went that the roaches and the rats left voluntary. .just pack their little vermin ass off someplace else..the place had mold for a decor..never ever thought of drinking from a mugs..bartender had to trap them with a net as they were trying to leave..but my head was pounding and the hangover won..lets do it Dirty..

In the back of my alcohol soaked brain I'm thinking dude you should call home..If I remember correctly they had been married for a week or ten days..oh well give me another bartender. ..after three or four cold long necks..Dirty looks over and says Dude this sucks let ride over to upper class dive bar.I say dude ya should call home..same shit..she's making tamales she wont miss me..ok then lets roll..

Now we left my place about seven am..and hit Delbets about three pm..relax..drinks and little pool..its about. Seven pm..damn dude lets roll...we got about eighty miles to the Casa. .some gear jamming throttle twisting puts us right on the doorstep in an hour..lights on couple extra cars in the driveway..Ernie shuts down the old pan..smiles and says see bro no problem. .as we are strolling to the front door it swings open..Maria with a big smile..her sister come strolling out..where the tamales girls I am starving. .Tamales that's not till next week. ..the twins are sleeping see you boys tomorrow. .damn got any spam dirty...sucker..

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