Thursday, July 30, 2009

Commies everywhere, The Amercan way of life getting flushed..

With Commandant Noboma taking the lead his minions are crawling out of the slime to follow the leader. Never thought it would happen in back fucking woods California..Much to my surprise it was taped to my door upon returning from some morning freedom. Nothing like firing up the shovel before the sunrise and riding until it's to hot to handle..maybe take a nap and do it again when the sunsets..Hell I'm free, white and over 21..Bad combination these days..

So taped to my door are 10 pages of rules and regs posted by the new homeowners association..we will shorten the assholes for future reference..First eye catcher was no loud noises after 8pm or before 8am,,including cars, trucks and motorcycles..No parties or gatherings outside of your home after 9pm..No loud dogs,,fucking cat's are fine..I see gato taco's on the grill..LOL..No fences or landscaping without approval..No signs in public view without approval..No scratching your nuts in the backyard..well you get the point..

So after intently reading this conglomerated afterbirth of a liberal cluster fuck piece of shit and seeing one of the commie assholes was my new neighbor I decide it was time to visit..We have meet during his whining about most of the above..Pedro "My Friends call me Pete" is a school teacher..go figure..and just happened to be playing kickball with his kids..I know they call it soccer but how unAmerican can you get..So being calm, cool and collect I yell over "Hey you commie fucking moron what the fuck is this shit" Oh..Pedro..Well he picks up his gay ball like it's a gun or a bomb and slinks over..Oh That, it's for the good of the community..

So it ends up Pedro and two more of the local up skirt nosebleed libs decided nobody in our neighborhood knew what was good for them and they decided to take steps to make this a better place to live..and went on the inform me this is all legal and they have the right to sue for compliance..and I need to get that bike I'm working on out of sight..Fuck you as I turned to walk away in disgust..I think I am going to buy a paintball gun..

So there it is we have been overtaken by commies..but the war has just begun..I have only began to fight..who said that anyway..So anyone in the area we are having a ride out from my place at 7pm Friday night returning at 10pm for a BBQ, free drinks and a 4am ride to country waffles for breakfast Saturday morning..Same thing Saturday night with a sunrise ride to Santos's for barbacoa and corona Sunday morning..7 to 10 pm rides everynight with sunrise rides whenever you like..If you need a place to work on your bike come on by, leave it as long as you like..old cars welcome too..Fucking Commies..go figure..Now I got to go finish airbrushing my 4'x8' go fuck yourself lawn sign..flames and all..



Lady Ridesalot said...

I can't stand this shit! Five years ago, while house shopping, I feel in love with the perfect house for us. Damn thing is... it came with one of those great "Neighborhood Association Compliance" law books. WTF?? We toyed with the idea that this won't be a big deal and almost bought the house anyway. If it weren't for the seller cutting us a really nice deal for the house we ended up with... there, but for the grace of God go I!

About a year after we had moved in, our local newspaper had a few interesting stories about the neighborhood disputes going on with that same area my dream house was in. It was a total cluster f*#k!

Hind sight being 20/20... I'm so glad we're not there. WE would have been the assholes of the hood for sure!!

There's a line in a movie (Next Of Kin) where Liam Nelson is talking to his bro, Patrick Swayze and it was... "This is my land and my house. I can stand right out my front door and take a piss on it if I want to!" My hubby loved that line and we both agreed that the "neighborhood" can go f*#k themselves.

Hope your party and midnight rides are a big hit. Too bad I live so far away cause we'd damn sure come help ya celebrate! Good luck with the commies!!

ratone said...

Night one went well, nice ride rolled in around 9:30..Hot Links and burgers..neighbors I have never met..Sheriffs stopped by after being called and hung out for awhile..No fights a little yelling as the dweebs did a drive by on there community patrol golf cart..Morning ride was awesome..rode until 11am..We are doing it again..more non commies expected tonight..

Willy D said...

My neighbors love me also. I’m sure they’ll love me even more as soon as the Shovel is back together. With nice shiny drags.
“Homeowners Association”. That sure is a lot of letters just to spell asshole.

Lady Ridesalot said...

LMOA!! Very funny!