Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The three little piggy's, philosphy of a biker..

Had a couple of the boys and the much better half's over last night to feast on a chunk of wild boar ass..I got him while shooting squirrels with the 300mag..Nother story..so I tossed about 22 pounds on the grill and smothered it in my own concoction sauce..Just a whiff for you, honey, habanero's, mango and orange juice...over mesquite wood for about 12 hours..good stuff.A short ride for a cool off, BR mint chip shake then sitting around on the patio after it dropped below 110, around 9pm we started talking biker and lifestyle..

I have known the dirty one for most of my riding life..we have got in some shit, legal, not so legal and damn good thing we never got caught..Most of it happened in our younger days but we still have a tendency to talk the talk..still laugh about past jaunt's to the darkside..I have known his better half about as long..She still can't believe what we have done and only knows half of it I would venture to guess..I have known to tall for a short time but he has been there whenever he was needed..and I can say I have done the same..

What makes bikers a breed apart..is it we are a brotherhood "including sisters" of risk takers..We all ride different..some real safe and some hammer down..We all know the risk every single time we pull out of the garage..It makes us different and bonds us..Could it be the shared quest for freedom??? I'm free when I ride..long or short I feel it..

The dirty one claims nothingness..The seat is the only place he finds total relaxation and comfort..He also shares the same line of thinking as the Rat and to tall..brotherhood and bonding between bikers makes us a breed apart..

To Tall's riding is the rush, invigoration of the soul..riding lift's him above daily problems..worries and helps give him perspectives and solutions..He fucking thinks to much me think..but what ever works for him..

For me biking has evolved through the years..I still have most of the few close friends I rode with years ago,,those who have been lost still ride with me today..The want I had and suffered with to be a biker at 16 has bobbed and weaved through my expectations during the many years in the saddle..Riding hard, riding slow, finding love and losing it, friends and foes have made life's early choices something I cherish..I never wish to turn back time but I daily hope to find that turn I missed or the road I have never traveled..I think it becomes if you have to ask you will never understand..

I got a slab of sourdough and some greasy ass pig waiting..things I have missed please share with all..see ya..


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