Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Trip..

It was a good trip, after stripping some of the garbage off the bike last night I think there might be some hope for it..Hell the Vance Hines are a good place to start..just need to get out the sawzall and do a baloney cut on them..Figured out why with the power commander and upgrades it still was a dog..New, well old but new to the ride S&S and some jetting it runs almost good now..

Thanks to the Hoover Dam for still being there..a favorite spot..Lenny for the roof in Tuscon..your still the cutest girl around..Good luck with the heard I will keep my puppies..Capt. Rudy and Mean Gene for coming up and sitting beside the road..Maria's still have the best damn tacos and hot sauce around..Big D,,still the brand apart and a damn good friend..The bags came in handy. I guess I would have had to tie the new timber rattler boots around my neck..

Casa Grande is not the small town it was..sad but that's life..Vegas looks sad and Flagstaff is still beautiful anytime..The desert for sun up and sundown..New Mexico at sunrise..Tuscon at sundown..I wish I had more time, next time..

No such thing as a bad ride, sort of like sex..some are just better than others..Thanks T for the turn around..Self inflicted wounds are not my problem brother..don't drink and ride..Now get your ass on the mend..

The dirty one for the ear, good food and insight into the pig..ya we can make it work..Remember my brother life is what it is..sometimes you don't go back..this is one of them..Charge hard and FTW..


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