Monday, July 27, 2009

Wrenching. riding and a farewell...

The flying Tangerine officially left home yesterday for New York..I have no idea how it did it but it somehow left a 120 foot burnout mark in front of my house..damn it was fun..Goodbye old buddy..You can almost see the bike in front of it..Arlen Ness signed Victory..funny looking thing that had saddle bags about the same size as the cup I wore playing high school football..

Spent the weekend washing, clearing, wrenching and changing stuff..I have always found wrenching to be almost as relaxing as riding. To me half the biker experience has come from the building, repairing and changing..Got a new toy in the driveway that needed a make from the shop, storage and friends made it pictures till it is 100% then we can do a before and after..

The shovel has been going through 30 year old Harley menopause..Shakes and vibrates at times, hot and cold flashes, oil pressure is up then down..starts on first kick or won't start unless I talk nice to it, mood swings..runs good then backfires for 15 minutes..So I decided to try and get it through this stage by giving it some new plugs and points, a little airbrushing where the battery acid had ate up her paint..cleaned her carb and polished her pipes..She seems to have shaken her bad shit attitude for now..Might even take her to Big Bubba's bike night and see if we can win a rat trophy..

So riding was limited, the transporter took three days to get here from Frisco..I was elbow deep in three bikes hoping the parts didn't start was smoking hot but I was cool with it..wrenching is part of what makes me do what I do..that's riding..ride on friends..



RickNiekLikeBikes said...

Did it have hot flashes as well?

FLHX_Dave said...

A Shovel going through menopause? You are killing me bro, that's funny shit. Too bad a good tune up doesn't work on the ladies. ooooops...did I say that?

Lookin' for a good ass whoopin'

ratone said...

Hey Dave, sometimes you have to clean and polish those hard to reach places know the places only you can as good as a tune up..

Now I think I will go hide in my cave for awhile..