Friday, July 24, 2009

summit to cheer me up

The Handlbars at last waited ages for this there only 16" and have been cut and bent to 34" wide , otherwise i can't park the fucking thing indoors


found a secondhand Mainshaft and a local shop to strip the Gearbox and inspect it the post mortem will hopefully done by a week friday after that it'll be a question of how much its gonna cost and how many people i have to kill to get the money 

in the meantime here's a pic with me Bars 

I fucking Love em 


ratone said...

Dude, love the bars..I washed the shovel yesterday, it's yearly bath I don't get mine for a couple of months yet..during the dirty duty I found I had one strand of cable left at the carb..Spent the fucking whole day running down a 43 1/2 cable..Dude at the shop shop tells me it's not braided..I say so...I'm riding again..LOL

Pug said...

yer i spent all day chsing down parts for my gearbox know how yer feel people saying yer can't do this an that , there again getting some of em on the phone is hard enuf as it is , anyhow the bars have cheered me up so back on it

ratone said...

Finding parts for the shovel is a pain anyway. I can imagine finding parts they say in other parts of the country..Gettter done Bubba..