Saturday, July 11, 2009

A love hate thing with no love..

Well I went out and did the bagger thing..Barley used Heratige Softail Classic..Rode it home and packed it up for a road trip..Didn't take long to figure out we don't get along..First thing that got me was the windshield..I am a lot more dog than I originally thought..I kept trying to stick my head out the window to feel the wind..and taste the bugs..

Beach bars..might be cool at the beach but I need apes. Big ass seat has to much padding,,I got enough built in..Bag's..we don't need no stinking bags..Heel toe shift is way past my ability, shit the 5 speed killed me I must rode 900 miles in 4th..Where's my Shovelhead???? Floorboards added to the fact the pig drove like a pig..damn..The drive belt breaking didn't help with my attitude..The 8 hour wait to get one was OK, got to spend time with some old friends..

Well that covers the minor dislikes anyway, got see some old friends.Rode and rode some miles..even a bad ride is better than no ride at all..No such thing as a bad one I guess.. Can update some of the past stories and add a couple of new ones..There will be some pictures of the bike bike up Sunday..ON EBAY..LOL..Have a good weekend, where is my cutting tourch..



Arizona Harley Dude said...

Rat, all the complaints you listed are what I like about my bagger. For me I always wonder what the allure is to the apes on a bike. Puts a new meaning to just hanging around. But, those differences between bikers are what make riding so enjoyable as we are all able to find what makes us comfortable and just ride.

I enjoyed your perspective.

FLHX_Dave said...

Yeah, the garbage wagon is missing some rawness. I said I would never run with a shield, bags and just about everything you mentioned here...then I got old. lol!

I understand what you are saying here without a doubt. I need to get a short run around town bike someday. I do miss it. I don't miss getting pelted in the face by rocks though.

I also never rode more than a few hundred miles a day on my runs. Over the past few years I have been averaging 800 miles a day on makes a huge difference because I still like screwing around at the end of the day rather than hitting the sack.

It's all about the rider in the end. That's what counts. Glad that you got to hook up with friends. The great thing about opinions are always right not matter what. Glad you have one, some folks don't.

ratone said...

The second lit of wrongs, who ever broke it in must have rode around the Wal-Mart parking lot at 5 mph.You know the factory break in is scratch your nuts and wave at the bugs as they go by...I have broke them in like I ride them over the years..Shit it get's them primed for life..I could handle the shield if I sawzall it in half and do the same with the bags..keep getting in the way when I was dragging my feet to stop..

I have had apes since my first big wheel..bad habit I guess..and I do value all opinions..(snickering)..This one just didn't work..Street Glide next I guess..Hell eBay's full of them these days..