Friday, July 24, 2009

The first ride home....

Been a long trip and what a trip it was..just out of the army for seven weeks. Six weeks on the road,The bay, LA, Tuscon, Lubbock and Wichita..Weather turned bad on the way onto Kansas and Jimbo got home sick and I wasn't through yet..He headed home and I shot into Tulsa and partied with a friend for a couple of days.

Laying back in a strange place, strange bed at 2am I decide to go home..been gone for 2 1/2 years doing my Army time in Germany. Craved this ride the whole time, it was something I had to do. Selfish, ya maybe there were people who waited for me and I gave then none of my time..Packed the bike and left and I was about to do the same again. I knew if I waited till morning I would get talked into one more day so I packed the bedroll and bags and walked out the door..

It was rats ass cold on the mid October morning at 3am so headed for that big truck stop just outside town. It's still so clear today sitting in the booth staring out the window at the Shovel, thinking about the ride, the past and the future. After 27 years I still find myself doing it..Oh life has changed..I'm older, I know the things I thought I knew when I was 21 and have to laugh at the perceptions of life..I still to this day find my only true solitude and times of clear though come from being in the saddle or staring out the window of the old shovelhead..

The trip home was a long one by choice..I was smarter in those days in one important way..I enjoyed the road and all it had to offer. I still enjoy the road but have got into the fast paced, gotta get there way of life..I have forgotten what it like to get sidetracked..turn off the cell phone and soak up the surroundings..pulling off the road to watch hawks riding thermals, sunsets and people..are those extra minutes or hours really going to change my life..only in good ways..enjoy yourselves friends..


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Arizona Harley Dude said...

There are some good things about getting older and you covered them pretty well in that last paragraph. I have been in a hurry my entire life yet here I sit. I've been, seen, and done, but what did I miss along the way is the question. Older, wiser, and slower......that is how I roll today.