Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tommy T..a Marine

Had a couple of stories ready to go before going out and winding up that old shovelhead for the weekend..But I think a short tribute to a true friend and a patriot is fitting for the Memorial day weekend..I meet Tommy T and his wife Sandy a few years back, I was taking some classes in Diego..San Diego for those foreigners..or non Californians..LOL..

Tommy was and will always be a Marine..North Carolina farm boy or so he claims who was planning his retirement from the corps..We hit it off in a room full of nerds and spent a couple of weeks riding with him and Sandy, sneaking on the base and catching some waves in an amphibian..way to cool..We took a few classes after together and when Tommy was not out saving the rest of us from evil he would call or show up at the door..

A little more than a year ago I get a call, hey man I am in Diego..I caught one a few weeks back..Damn bro are you OK??? I will never forget how he said it,,I'm fine, I am a Marine..I lost my right arm..My heart sank..

I left that night and drove down to see him and Sandy..Knock on the door and there he is..Now it was a sight for me I'm thinking what would I do and how would I react..He walks over and gives a one armed hug and smiles,,it was just an arm bro..laughing..He lost it to friendly fire in the heat of battle, 50cal round..told me he just looked down and it was gone..his crew did first aid got him tied off and to the field hospital fast..never had any problem other than signing his name..No remorse, no hard feelings..I am a Marine, I was in battle and shit happens..I just move on to the next battle..

Tommy T, Sandy for her support and pain she has felt, the mothers, fathers and those men and women who serve to keep us safe and free..Thank you all for your sacrifices for us..not just today but everyday..



Lady Ridesalot said...

Semper fi Tommy T!

Thanks rat...

Lady R

Ann said...

Great post, Rat. A good reminder for us all.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Semper Fi! Great Post Rat!!!

FLHX_Dave said...

Friendly fire. It happens. I guess it could have been worse when you think about it.

Still, a reminder that we all owe so much to people that Tommy T. How do you even begin to say thanks for that sacrifice. I don't think I ever will be able to pull that one off.

I guess all you can do it live the best life possible as a way of saying thanks.

ratone said...

Tommy did his first VFW march today..mostly good but some anti-war hecklers in the crowd..It pisses me off, but his comment to me was I fought to keep everyone free..them as much as the next's what our country is about..just got goose bumps again..Thank you Tommy for the insight..Love ya man..