Monday, May 18, 2009

Rat's non riding rant..I love my country but am having a problem!!

Didn't ride today..Stuff got in the way..walk in the door and stuck to it with duct tape that peeled off the paint was a form letter from the garbage man..two boxes were checked,,your cans exceed our size limits and your can was over 35 lbs..So I walk out and sure enough the lazy fuck had left my garbage right there..This was the end of my rope after dealing with my tax dollar paid bureauidiots all the bottom it say's any questions call..Punch the number and and hit send to get stuck in for this person push 1 land..straight to 0..I get the poor girl at the phone desk,,holding back my emotions I ask for the dumb son of bitch in charge of the chicken shit outfit..She's on the other line can you hold..Just barley..

I will call her Ms. Smith so she can't sue me..comes on the line..can I help you..yes if you can come and get my garbage out of the driveway you can..Is there a problem..ah the opening I have been waiting for..Yes what the fuck is up with your boneheaded trash boy sticking this note on my door(peeling my paint) and leaving my trash..What does the note say sir..It say's my cans are to big..and my garbage is to heavy, before you start you spiel I will tell you I have had the can and fill it the same every week..Well sir,,(she's pushing it now) how big is your can?? Pretty good size and I don't have monkey butt, thanks for what is it you wanna know..How many gallons does your trashcan hold..Simple answer to that, how the fuck would I know I have never used it for stealing gas..We will only empty 33 gallon cans due to new rules..How much does the can weight full??..I would guess about the same as would I know?? Well it seems the driver figured it was over the weight limit we have set forth..Oh and when did this happen??..Last year..we sent out letters..would you like me to fax or email you copy?? No what I would like is come and pick up my fucking trash and stop giving the unknowing power..Now let me tell you about my day..since my blood pressure has dropped below 300 and the veins in my temples have shrank to less than garden hose size..

Two Rat Bastards started a few years back, custom rat bikes, wear and stuff..Been playing with the idea for some time..most of it is on paper and the rest is hidden in my thick skull..I think..Well it's time to take the leap and do it..Today we started jumping through the hoop's and made a few business decisions..and come to some conclusions..let's start at the back of the conclusion is between the state morons and the federal I'm a government employee because I can't make it in the real world ass bites..I understand why we as a country are going to hell in a backhoe..These totally unemployable dip shits did everything in the power to deter me from moving forward..legally that is..How many employees,quarts of oil, tires new and used, gasoline, paint and how are you going to exhaust the fumes..I got that one half right,,fart fans..

So I made a business decision..fuck this and these clowns..I would be happy to pitch in to get them back on welfare instead of at the helm of our sinking ship..Can a high school drop out who has never sat foot in a bike shop, ran any type of business be the person who holds the reins to your dreams..I think not..Just think I still had to go through the epa and air quality control they don't deserve cap letters..

Jumping through the hoops in our time and economy it seems it would be a time our Government would bend over backwards to help get things doesn't work like a veteran, tax payer, voter and American I expected more..What I see is sad..where have we went wrong..They can't take my dream,,I may not have a big sign and grand opening that would rock the town..I will have my dream and live it until I decide it is time to stop, the well runs dry or they take me away in hand cuffs..I live in country that was based on our freedoms..I am taking mine as I see fit..Hell Rat's love dark alleys..see ya there..



Anthony Parton said...

amen brother

Pug said...

so did they empty the trash ? lol

FLHX_Dave said...

mwahahahahahaha!...You're screwed up dude. I was laughing the whole time. I can more than relate to all this.

I stopped jumping through the hoops. I just started doing things and then asking for forgiveness afterwards. It's the only way I could get it done. It worked. Find out which one of the powers that be rides bikes first off...I'm not even kidding. The only way I passed some of the f'in inspections was because I rode a bike and some of the inspectors rode.

Just get it going and press on remembering that the squeaky wheels get the grease. Screw failure, it's not failure its just another learning experience. Most dudes who made it have had many "learning experiences".

Oh, trash, yeah...I keep getting charged for the neighbors garbage. I'm gonna have to talk to him 'bout that.

ratone said...

Dave, I hear ya brother..I closed a consruction business the workers comp made impossible to keep it afloat and live, walked away from a mobile home transport business..Insurance, EPA and the gods of DOT made it a money loser..This will be done..I'm going to enjoy it..I am also not going broke because some pencil pushing, unknowing dumb fuck want's more of my cash..I think my final trip though the doors of stupidity was today..I went to get a wholesale license..What are you selling..reusable condoms..big eyed and dumb founded look..Then I was forced to ask a question,,Do you know the difference between a big mac and a blow job..duh...wanna go to te damn license but had to have lunch alone..smiling..