Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that left leg again or 3rd time lucky

still in 84

Well i'm in the Hozzie again the following day they Operate to remove the bent plate and reset the leg Doc mentions summit about all the damage to my leg i explain it was busted a few years back in 17 places he just says well we've set it as straight as we can and it'll take at least 3 months to heal due to the previous damage , great the middle of summer and i'll be in plaster 3 months fuck that for a laugh

i get to keep the bent plate and the 8  screws plus the heads off the 3 that snapped no answers why i had 11 screws in me leg in a 10 hole surgical plate though , it was in a glass jar by my bed  after the Operation

After anutha week i feel brave enuf to ring me Mum.....................well to say she was pissed off is a understatement not so much with me falling off again more the fact that i took a week to tell her 

Four weeks go by i'm discharged from the hozzie the bustleg in long plaster cast from me ankle to the top of my thigh and i get to stay at me Mums  , so result proper cooked meals and clean clothes for a while at least

The Wreckage of the 250 yam is delivered to my Brothers Garage which is about a mile from me Mums , as i've had practise on Crutches before it doens't take me too long to get mobile enuf to hobble the mile each day to the garage and start re-building the bike a mate gets me anutha complete front end as the forks .wheel , headlights and clocks are all fucked up so is the tailsection and seat and someone has nicked the sidepanels but all the parts are found and i hop round to the bike each day slowly replacing parts .

After 6 weeks i'm very bored the weather is stunning outside and i'm itching to ride me bike so out comes a Craft Knife and 2-3 hours later i manage to cut the cast off without drawing blood ,stupid i know but hey thats how i used to be 

Course i can't put any weight on it as i know its not fully healed up i can still bend end it though so i jump in a bath amazing how summit simple like a bath feels so great . i leave me Mum a note saying i'm going back to my place to stay now and hobble round to the Garage .

The next slight problem is i can't operate the side stand with me leg so i make up summit to get round that with a bungee , they also came in handy when i cut the arm rests off me crutches so they would fit on the bike and strapped em to the side of it .

Over the next few weeks i ride the bike every day allways remembering not to put my left leg down ever and i do ok , i even go on holiday for a week with a tent touring on the bike .

Then one night i'm out with a few mates and where fucking around on the bikes like ya do i'm racing a mate on a long stretch of road and i'm beating him yay !!! then a car pulls out way ahead but i do need to brake i touch the front lever and the front of the bike folds up , sliding on me back now the kerb approaches fast i hit it with me left leg hard "Snap" i feel the weakened bones in my lower left leg Break but no pain thank fuck me mates pull up run over to me "you ok Bob ?" never mind me wot about me fucking bike !!! i say 

Anyway a while later the Ambulance turns up i tell em me leg is busted as i felt it go when i hit the kerb they strap me up and as they lift me "aha thats where the pain went owwwwwwwww" so a few drugs later an i'm feeling better 

get to the hozzie a different one to the last one thank god usual pics then plaster then the usual " i see you've bust that leg before me "yeah this is the 3rd time" a few days later two Docs appear drag me to a side room cut the leg plaster above the break site not length wise but like there gonna cut it off at one end strange i think ? then one of em says summit to me i lookup and the other git "manipulates"the plaster fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that hurt..........

another X-ray later the Dox explains that the leg wasn't set right so they needed to Adjust it "thanks for the warning mate!!!" 

This time i decide to be good i put up with the fucking plaster cast for the full term and do you know what 6 months later it was healed and i no longer limped so yeah 3rd time lucky huh 

there again there has to be a better way to get legs fixed falling off a bike isn't the best idea though 


mq01 said...

did you drive your mom crazy? ...holy shit... how many bikes you been through pug?

Pug said...

my mom hates motorbikes even now it took her 20 odd years to say "Ride Home Safley" instead of "Drive Home Safley" lmao , erm i've had about 40 bikes i think , but they wern't all smashed up

Lady Ridesalot said...

Has anyone every accused you of being a glutton for punishment. LOL!

Sound like the third time was the charm though. Dr.'s # 3 fixed what Dr.s #2 screwed up, heh? Like I say... third time's a charm.

BTW... I was a surgical nurse for OS while I was in the Navy. During surgery, if we set a screw that the Doc wasn't happy with, we'd undo it an set it again. Sometimes you can't get it back out, so you just leave it. Doesn't really hurt anything, you've got 'em anyway, but that may be how you got your extra screw.

Your poor Mom. Bless her!!!