Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheap plastic helmet saves a life today..

Went to pick up a new toy today, test project stuff with a friend..2000 Dyna,,cafed out, satin orange with a Road Rage built 103 in it..Now the need to test this stuff is something I can never stress have to be sure they are good..The brother who built it was in need and we made it work, he say's watch it till you get the feel it will light it up from fourth to fifth..OK sure it will..The bro was an honest man..I think it needs some extra test time..

So so I putt around for a few, hit the brake, feel the controls, work the throttle before jumping on the freeway..Ya she has a little extra punch..Jump it on the 99 and do the onramp test,,oh 105 before we even got close..impressive..but not something I would make a habit of doing..Get up to cruise speed and look down,,he said all the gauges work perfect, well if the fuel gauge works I could be screwed..So pulled he off and by god it works the tank was empty..Back on the free way running in the fast lane..damn why is everyone going so slow..shit 90..back off and cruise it in the slow lane..don't need no stinking speeding tickets..time to back road it..hell that is the only way to get to my shack..

Nice clean ride,,this is one nice riding Harley..Get just outside the little burg I live in and this punked out Accura..I mean punked as the meaning we grew up with OK pulls in behind me..Running way close, I can see the shadow of his bumper..So I roll off nice and slow..all sorts of space to pass..No he goes for another run at me..That was twice..I live in a three stop light town and we hit the first..extra lane asshole go right behind me..Light goes I stay for a few still sitting there..I roll and he pulls around..I let him go wondering if you have to put extra springs to support the giant muffler and useless shit bolted to a fifty dollar car..Forget it they are history..well no quite..

This sawed off, weaselly punk cuts in front of me..OK enough, roll it on hard and shoot around,,he has no fucking idea what just happen to him..The 400 pound pitbull in the passenger seat is confused..might of been his date,,hard to tell when your pulling serious G's..I back off and he pulls up beside me and starts yelling..I can't hear anything just see his goofy ass face moving..He speeds up and cut's me off again..Well we hit the light I pull in the turn lane and he is trying to get out his door..Damn bikes are not equipped well for these situations..He is thinking about getting big..his pet cow looks to be egging it on..Plan B..pop the helmet strap and let it fly..Arm is not what it once was..I missed the window and bounced it off the door post..He decide he really didn't want to play that bad..went through the red light..I got my trusty $4.50 lid some scars..but it saved a life today..go figure..



IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Holy Shit...First FLHX Dave...Now you?? What's up with these punks messing with Bikers. Glad nothing worse happened besides a few scrapes to the lid. Damn!

Big Daddy said...

Glad somebody found a use for a helmet.
Good choice.
I might think about filling one with cement and strapping it my sissy bar for just the occasion. ;]

ratone said...

This has been a year of aggressive drivers around here..It sucks when you can't share the road..anyone know where you can score a few hand grenades..that would get their undivided attention..

FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmm...I like it! I have never used a helmet as a raquet ball. I'm gonna start carrying a spare dome with me.

It's the economy...yeah, that's it! Everyone is looking to get trounced so they can pay a lawyer to sue our pants off. After all, you know anyone who owns a Harley is loaded.

Oh you're helmet has proper character. Another scratch to bear witness of a rider.

chessie said...

I haven't had a nasty encounter like that since the 80's...and that was in Tampa Florida...I always get in trouble in Tampa...have a cigar fucking Florida.

It's nice when something that was meant to protect you actually works in a double duty way, don't you agree?

Arizona Harley Dude said...

The real scary part of this story is in Arizona they usually have a gun and shoot at you. I guess him changing lanes would have been too much trouble.

Alls well that ends well.

ratone said...

Poor thing need to be retired..we have got are share of tickets..and had many fond memories..I want something small too..damn arm was sore for the last couple of days..