Monday, May 4, 2009

4th May 2009

Not a Day i'll forget . Today Joe the frame builder turned up me an him had a 3 hour seesion about how the bike will be built , made a parts list , swopped titles for the legal shite he know owns my FXR Rolling Chassis and i'm gonna be Bikeless for 8 long weeks 

chassis wise it won't be anything flash no stupid curvy fashionale frame shite or huge balloon Tyres no Billet shite either , no fancy paint just a plain looking hardtail frame with 30 degrees of Rake and 4 1/2" of ground clearence , it'll be plain Black with the odd shiny part no logo's 

Allways wanted a few things for this Bike so in the mix it'll have a open belt primary , chain drive to the rear wheel and a springer front end , lights well no indicators probalby no mirrors a mini bates and a side mount tailight 

lastly the one thing i've allways loved a nice one off set of Staggered Stainless Fishtails 

pictures to follow as when joe starts laying Tubes in his Jig and welding it together 

kinda stroked that it's finally started , but also kinda sad the FXR had to go to pay for it all but i've kept the motor , carb and ignition for the Build

so for a couple of years the FXR will be the Test Mule for the Chassis sometime hopefully in 2011 a new S & S Shovelhead Engine will be purchased the FXR Engine will be Removed cleaned painted an polished up then retired to the Coffee Table in the Living room till maybe anutha idea pops in me head

till then it'll be stuck in the new chassis ans treated to the packmule  future as i put some miles on my dreamBike ,park it at rallies go to the beer tent and get drunk just like all my other bikes have

Note to self though !!!!if there ever is a  next time when i'm a kid don't let a girl say hey lets go to the pictures and see that new biker movie "Easy Riders" coz one day you'll buy a Harley and go *remember that dream you had 30 something years ago about owning a Custom Built Harely one day......................*


ratone said...

Pugsly,,I have relived Easy Riders many times..both in real life and in the movies..get it going I think your idea is to see it..

mq01 said...

im excited for you pug, cant wait to see. and ooooooh fishtails :) .......