Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Suprise

After me pile up with the drunk driver there where a few complications i was walking with a limp as me leg wern't set right (that got fixed up one day proper but thats anutha story) the main problem though was i needed money to live on and more importantly to pay for the payments on my bike so i went back to work

So i'm yer basic manual worker no skills , managed to get some part time stuff my left arm ached a lot that big old metal plate they had used to bolt it together didn't seem right anyhow wtf eh i'm working paying bills and riding me bike 

one day i was moving a empty filing cabinet and i heard a loud "Click" uh oh so i put the cabinet down grabbed me left upper arm and wiggled it "Click Click Click" bugga so i finished me days work and popped down the hozzie .

Maureen was there , i was still under me first Consultant then , explained the problem got to see the Consultants assitant pretty damm quickly he held me arm *Click Click Click" so they took a few pictures , slung em on the light box , yup yer arm has snapped 

Well nothing they could do at that moment so i went home signed off work again and waited for them to call me back in for yet anutha Operation 

A few weeks later i'm back in the Consultant says where gonna open yer arm up remove the plate nick some bone from your hip and graft yer arm then sling the lot in plaster , so they  built this special cast before the operation to imobilise my arm then they knocked me out an dug in 

well i woke up on the operating table when they tried to fit the cast as it wasn't going on and i was yelling a lot , after a fashion they used a different type of cast, gave me more drugs and i awoke in the general ward sorta ok .

fast forward 3 months later they cut the cast off all the time i'm thinking summit ain't right , sure enuf as they removed the cast i still had 2 arms but now my left arm could bend nearly 40 degrees in the middle of my upper arm and it didn't hurt which i suppose was a result .

me "well i guess the bone graft didn't take too well then" my mum was doing the headless chcicken routine the Consultant wasn't happy either  more fucking pictures more exams so the new plan was they put me arm in a sling for a few months wait for some of the holes in my arm to fill in then do antha bone graft from my right hip put a new plate in my arm and anutha new cast , so i went back to the boys home course everyone thought it was funny me having a wonky arm 

me 20th Birthday me an Turkey an a few others where down the local watering hole after a fashion it was me an Turkey alone playing pool drinking beer usual thing. 

Turkey (Jim) went to get a round of beers in i racked the balls for anutha game he was gone a while , damm where's me pint so i wondered over there was Turkey at a table with 2 girls and my Beer hey "Jim we playing pool or wot" him "Bob this is so an so an her mate" i looked at the mate man how did they let her out in daylight she could scare the pattern off wallpaper so i kinda guessed i'd get lumbered with the moose but i had a plan .

sat at the table making polite conversation , now if i tensed wot muscle i had left in my arm i could keep me arm straight so i just lent me elbow an forearm on the table rested my hand flat , rubbed my nose with me other hand till i sneezed and at that moment my upper arm bent to about 30+ Degrees well the look on the girls face was priceless they made there excuses and left i picked me pint up and wandered back to the pool table ,Turkey followed cursing an swearing saying i did that on purpose to fuck up his chances me i admitted it all and then still beat him at pool even with me buggered up arm so all in all it was a good night 


ratone said...

Damn Pug,,don't do this..LOL..Reminds me of a night in a place called Crazy Delbert's and and a kid who was always tagging along..after a few we started a little game, there was about four of us there..Who could pick up the ugliest woman..well the kid won hands down since the rest of us weren't you said she could scare the patten off wall paper..from three doors away..Well they have been married for 20 years plus and he still doesn't talk to any of us..a win,win for both sides..

mq01 said... guys are mean..."ugly chicks" - they/we/everyone just wants to get laid..... :)
hows the arm now pug?

Pug said...

arms fine that was like 28 years ago , only bug with it is me left arm is about 1" shorter in the upper arm so when i get on a bike for the first time it allways feels like the bars are bent

FLHX_Dave said...

I'm a lucky bastard. Broken skull, 3 broken arms, two broken legs, ribs, knee, ankles 3 times and countless other random crap...I have yet to have surgery or plates or pins. I was feeling some of the old injuries while I was reading this...arrrgggg. I'm done with all the hopefully.

Hmmm...ugly chicks...well, I have hooked up with some knockouts who got real ugly after they opened their mouth and started talking. I've also met some, errr... less than knockouts, who really started to look really hot after I got talking to them.

yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking right now. I get that part too.

And here i thought you were going to tell me how this injury somehow helped you score! Nah, pug wanted to play pool. Priorities man!