Monday, April 27, 2009

Yay things are happerning at last

Well a Box arrived from the USA Today , so a Huge thanks to Rat an mq01 for the Tee-shirts an Speedo 

next up i got a phone call from the Frame Builder , i've got a start date for the Rolling Chassis all be well the Bike will be built a Month ahead of Shedule .

To fund the final part of it though i've had to sell the FXR Chassis , on the plus side the builder of my Frame want's it so we have struck up a deal which suits us both 

so sometime soon i'll post up some pics i'll probably use a Photobucket account as i still ain't figured out how to post multiple pics on here 


mq01 said...

glad you got the pkg, and glad we could help. ENJOY!!! looking forward to seeing the build.

re: pics (for you and bitchy), try flicker instead of photobucket. lots of bloggers seem to use flicker slideshows.

im wondering, rat, im hoping the speedo/dash gaskets were in there?!? ???

ratone said...

Pug, enjoy bro..keep us up to date on the build..don't be a stranger..Dash body parts store, 3/16 door weather stripping..heavy side in, notch the tight corners, razor knife slots in the long corners..small amount of contact cement on the inside of the dash panel..The stuff was still back ordered,,they are also hard rubber and scratch the paint..