Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in the saddle..

Well having to go with my second choice for a riding partner I got Dirty Ernie on the horn and set it up..Old Rey's was the destination with a mountain loops ride..been awhile..Now between the two of us my Shovel is thirty years old and Ernie's pan is fifty one years old so a little wrenching is always a good idea..I just did my clutch last week and had noticed the back brake was light..well test run Saturday told me it was gone..damn..Got it home and torn it down..Hanging my head in shame..full of gunk I should have cleaned it a couple of years ago..easy fix..change the oil, check the tranny and tighten everything..Ernie broke a sprocket bolt that we didn't get fixed till Sunday morning..good excuse for a Starbucks..

Got rolled out a little late but what matters is we rolled..The ride to Rey's is a good mountain road that drops off to a small two lane..we rolled 180 at a nice 60 to 65,,playing and soaking up the road..I think I caught Ernie smiling in the mirror a couple of times..Dropping into the Marimonte cutoff the road goes small two lane and pretty twisty..we stayed cranking good until Rey's..You could smell the BBQ going for about a half mile before you hit the drive. Pulling in we saw bikes and a group of locals that I could do without..some bad blood that goes back a forever and they had been parting since the sun broke..Ernie know the scenario and say's let's pay our respects to Rey and get them back on the road..That we did..

No real game plan from here and an extra couple of hours to enjoy..We head up the mountain to comes the loop..It is a good road but hold a few 35 mph corners and just wide enough to go two wide if you don't mind a foot between bars..somewhere we hit the comfort zone and started riding two up..when your in the groove and the gods of the road are smiling on you it a great ride..The ride flowed..past the turn off that would take us home off 245 and headed to Wooklake..gonna stop but a local Barney Fife picked up on us as soon as we hit the city limits..One pipe and helmet ticket at time please..we rode through..I jump in the lead a turn us to Ivanhoe..then to Farmerville..Need another Starbucks and some gas..

Day's about done, a downtown town Visalia cruise to see how many car alarms we can get going and 63 home..We did 167 miles..hundreds of smiles..that is what makes us do what we do..Do I see a sporty in the rear view..soon..


mq01 said...

even though you didnt stay for bbq it sounds like you two had a great day of riding :) happy easter!!

ratone said...

Some days it is all about the ride. It didn't start out to be but took a turn for the better..ready to go again..saddle up..

ratone said...

You know thinking on the ride on 245 coming off the hill I reached over and tapped Ernie s 55 mph or so..I can't remember doing that since the real young days and racing flat track..if we were tight in a corner and making an outside pass we would do it to let the other rider know we were there..and piss them off sometimes..just sort of hit me as strange..must of been passing on the outside..