Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Riding Season is here,,first loud pipe ticket,,no sense of humor..

Well the official start of this years riding season has hit..Pulling out of my favorite sugar fix hole, roll the throttle on, grab second and crank it up a bit..Look to the right and there hiding behind a van was the new local motorsickle cop..Sitting his large frame on one of those BMW cross dressers or what ever they call them..on road-off road Rotax things..He was not smiling,,

As I watch him jump the curb and knowing the routine I back it off,,damn healthy backfire..Lights are flashing so I pull it to the curb, roll it back so passer by's can check out the clean chrome..Pull off the $4.75 Darth Vader helmet and sit back..Then I hear those words, my favorite pick up line..You know why I pulled you over??..Now I have a ton of pre-thought out responses to that line but looking at the youngster decided No Sir was the right one..Excessive noise now can I see your license and stuff..he walks back to his toy..If I was as big as he was and force to ride that little thing with my ass hang in the air all day I would have a bad attitude too..

So he finishes calling me in and comes strolling over and stops with two or three steps between us and starts eyeballing the Shovel..not the admiring looks I enjoy so much..Next question is does your horn work?? Well I would bet it does, never been used but it also never had any wires run to it..So in my kindest tone I say not at this time..Then he says I didn't see any turn signals when you pulled over..Well I didn't use them but they work..here check it out..He takes a gander at them all the time shaking his head..they are about 3/8th's of an inch wide and an inch long..I don't think those are legal he informs me..then your bars are legal but including mirror height your well over six inches above the shoulder..Wait only if I'm slumping over to keep the look..Then the final nail..your helmet is not DOT certified..he wasn't much fun..So he wrote it up and I went on my way..Me and Ole Judge Drew know each other well..might have to pay the fix it on the horn..hey my bad..

So it is official..the season is here let's ride..



Lady Ridesalot said...

Well, someone may have sh*t in his Wheaties that morning, or it's like you said... He was just pissed that he had to ride his "toy". Too bad.

I hate your season started off like that, but hey, at least your riding!

Ride safe and ride loud... just stay under the radar! Woo Hoo!

mq01 said...

agree Lady R, woohoo...its time to ride!!!

ratone said...

Loud pipe tickets are a way of life..I never put straights on to ride around town in third gear turning 800 rpms so the natives don't get annoyed. No I love the sound and will share it with everyone..LOL..

Let's ride..