Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hardtail Chop and the Consultant

so as mentioned somewhere else in 78 i had broken me back and my neck in a motorcycle accident afer a drunk driver pulled out in front of me , i've got no memory of the accident which ain't a bad thing but there have been a few complications since.

The Neck Fracture was a slight problem i smacked up the C3 in me neck pretty damm good but it was left to heal naturally ,fine by me it meant no bolts in the head an traction like some of the other poor fuckers on the Ward but it wern't all good news the neck healed fine after a while it seems though when they X-Rayed it the C3 whilst in good working order it slightly displaced but it's too Dangerous to operate on so i agreed to pop back every 6 months for a check up X-Ray hell they even made me a special neck brace with my name on it so my head an neck is held in the same place when they take the picture .

so over the course of like 30 odd years i've gone though 3 consultants and the routine is turn up at the clinic pick up me chit for the X-ray and Neck Brace and i'm in an out of the hozzie in under a hour the Consultant lays the new X-ray over the old one checks it and says see ya in 6 months its a routine i'm used too and so are they .

in 2003 i built a Hardtail Chop minimal padding on the seat and of course no rear suspension , now i'm usually at the Hozzie 10 mins before my appointment and i was just breaking in a new consultant there none too happy about me riding a motorcyle but there's no reason in my mind why i can't 

so i'm running late for the 1st 03 appointment , riding a bit faster than normal to get there i think fuckit i better park as close to the clinic as possible like right outside the door would seem to work , i pull into the car park on the Chop ride up onto the pavement outside the clinic kick the stand down check the time cool 5 mins early rest me helmet on the bars and roll a smoke , out of the corner of my eye i spot my consultant walking across the car park he glances across to me for like maybe 2 secs and goes inside .

walk inside get me chit an brace have the picture taken and sit outside the Consultants office i get called inside now normally me an him exchange a few words casuall stuff but on this occasion he's got his back to me he slams my x-ray on the light box over my old one Barks out "everythings fine now Fuck Off"..........eh i think jeez maybe he didn't get a blowjob from his old lady this morning he seems to be in a bad mood so i walk out and Maureen the lady on reception takes my brace whats up with the Doc i ask ? well it seems he's a keen OCC watcher and he knows what a hardtail bike is and that with the History of my Injuries and my neck he's really pissed off with me riding that particular style of bike figuring it ain't good for my neck and back an for all the time an money they've invested in trying to keep me healthy 

there again i figure it's my choice what i ride 

i'm just wondering where the hell am i gonna park the Harley after thats built i mean outside the clinic seems ok with me this time coz it'll at least have a sprung seat this time surley he won't tell me too fuck off again 


ratone said...

Well a proven crazy bastard..my thoughts would be the sprung seat is a great idea,,still might wanna call a cab for your next appointment..

mq01 said...

docs just pissy cause your bikes are better than anything occ does...lol. my c3 is fucked up too, i can relate. glad youve lived to tell the tales pug!!

chessie said...

I really don't understand why the doc would get pissy with ya. At your age, you already know what COULD happen...so what the fuck what is his problem? It's not like your a young kid with little or no common sense...
My reaction would have been to leave there, look for his ol lady and "fuck off" with her. I am not at all amused with docs who tend to get more emotionally envolved in my life...then I do.

Lady Ridesalot said...

They do tend to take it personal, don't they. Maybe you should remind him... your his job security.

Glad your okay to ride. That's all that matters if you ask me.