Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time for a Change

As I loaded my 96 Harley T-Shirts, 18 Sweat shirts and leathers, underwear and socks into my big ass charcoal grill this morning I wondered if it is the right thing to do..Switching to propane..Many years of road stories plied high and headed to the dump..The scrape man should be pulling in at anytime to haul those oil leaking beast out of my garage to their final resting place in the boneyard..I ordered me a Goldwing with one of those funky little trailers..don't have an idea what they do but I got one..Got a helmet..full face with bluetooth, wi-fi, stereo, and on shield GPS.. Got the erotic butt message seat to help out on long rides..Trading in my diesel for a Hybrid..buying a condo..and some slacks..maybe even a suit..Oh by the way what is today...:) 


Willy D said...

Hot damn! One more rat-ass Harley off the road. Viva La Honda!

What day is it? It’s either the day Hell froze over or you took the wrong meds.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Buwahahahaha! Thanks for making me squirt coffee outta my nose!

Very funny! I was hooked until you stared talking about the Honda! As Viking Dave would say... Phfffffffttttt!

Happy April Fool's Rat!

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