Friday, April 23, 2010 is legal and defining illegal..

Arizona I'm thinking is the place to be..Be a law abiding legal citizen and have legal gun and be free to carry it how ever you encouraged to do so..Hat's off to the the drop in crime when this baby goes into effect..Word of warning..if you aren't willing to use it or don't know how leave it home..

BroBama hit the podium again today..Speaking out against the new legislation reforming illegal immigration..The first state to make it against the law to be in the United state illegally and give police the power to stop and question those who they suspect..Racial profiling?? Is that really something we should be concerned with..I think not..what Brobama and other call misguided is in fact the way it should be..Hey illegal is illegal..but of course the democommies need that voter bases to have any chance at holding offices in the west this kick them out season..I mean voting cycle..Two big F'n stars to you good people of Arizona..let's hope both these laws bleed west..


Anonymous said...
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WooleyBugger said...

I couldn't agree more. Someone has to make a stand for Our rights and Arizona is leading the way. And to have any constitutional rights they first must be a LEGAL citizen. Our rights pertain to us and NOT those from other countries here illegally. They want rights rights we have? Become a legal citizen.

Anyone who is giving them help is Aiding and Abetting and is guilty under the law of conspiracy.

Willy D said...

Just got back from a AZ weekend. Did this old fuckers heart good seeing Brothers with their hair and sidearm blowing in the wind. Both totally fuckin’ legal!!! You don’t know how damn close I am to getting the hell out of CA.