Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Bad Ride...ya it happens..

Had plans..good plans..Had to to make a choice business or pleasure..In the attempt to be responsible and forgetting the principles that make us do what we do I made the wrong one..and couldn't stop doing it after..not always by choice but by circumstance..In an attempt to cleanse the mind of stupidity  I went for a ride..didn't start out to be where it ended up but it did..

Mind clearing putt through the desert..plans changed for the better again..OK going to do some miles need a tire and while your at it do the belt..time stopped..I hate being on the shops clock..tick, tick, tick..late in the day I'm riding into the high desert at night..Pulled into the man cave late get some rest and an early start..

Early start pulled into Mojave with the sun sneaking over the horizon..Noticed a little whine down low on the left side..well do I head for Lancaster or keep going the way I should be..decisions have sucked and this one stayed right there..I went east..I hit Barstow and find a little shop,,good dudes and we breakdown the primary..Clutch is ragged and they don't have a car and guessed it to Lancaster and buy extra Ben Franklin and they guys stay and put it this time the reason for the ride was gone..I managed to stay on the I head to Vegas..

Most people go to Vegas for fun..I go to Vegas to hide..Been doing it for years, many, gamble a little and ride..Even the best food had no taste that first night..must of been the bad taste I had forced on myself..Nice room but can't sleep..card table held no relief..I decide to finish the reason other than to prove to myself I could do it..

Amarillo in a day..15 hours as I am rolling into town..mind had been centered on what to do..celebrate I had made it..for what there was no reason to I had lost out..I was only here to make me feel good and it didn't work..Burger King instead of the Big ass room..a few hours of restless sleep and back in the saddle..Back to Vegas..

The Hoover damn didn't bring the normal smile it was just another slab of concrete..The loop through Parump and back down was a blur..the ride home was battle with mother nature..seems battles were the only constant..bad rides happen I can tell you..I am thinking they are self inflicted..In fact I can almost guarantee it..     



Willy D said...

I’m a little confused here. That didn’t sound like a bad ride. Besides the hiccup in the machinery, which I take as part of life, it sounded like good alone time.

FLHX_Dave said...

High plains drifter...this is my kinda ride.

Sounded awesome to me bro. I really get off on the loner runs because no one has a clue as to who I am, where I am going, what I'm up to. I get to sit and watch them busy doing absolutely nothing.

It's almost like watching the world through one way glass...only naked. A man with no conscience or morals could really tear up the universe doing what you were doing...

But the real kick is "what if", I wonder if the "what if" is what drives people like us to put ourselves through the glory and suffering that comes with road whoredom.

You will find it...