Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well the Weather has improved somewhat here after 7 long months of shit , lost count of how many times its snowed

Did me first Rally of 2010 and boy did it piss down with Rain , my tent got flooded out so had to cut from the Rally early to get dried out no point sleeping in a wet sleeping bag an tent

Also had to change the Bars on the Chop as my whole right Arm was going numb , that may be summit to do with a old injury back in the late 70's when i broke my neck i suppose , so there now 12" Mini apes from 16" any lower an i'll need clip ons

work wise well as soon as the Sun comes out so does the Hobby Wobblers so my recovery truck has been busy picking up road smashes 4 so far this week 3 Harleys and 1 jap bike and its only the first real week of warm sunshine so far for fucks sake

anyhow off to a couple more rallies soon lets hope the good weather holds

I hope you lot are all safe and well over the pond there


FLHX_Dave said...

Still a sweet ride bro. Yeah, breaking your neck tends to fuck shit up...yup!

ratone said...

Thought we had lost ya Pug...good to see ya back..nice mini's..damn getting old and running into shit will do that to ya..Don't be a stranger Bro...

Willy D said...

Hell yes, a nice dirty bike. Makes life worth living.