Monday, May 3, 2010

Lawn care for bikers..broken and new..

Lawn care for bikers..Look telling the bro's you can't ride so you can cut the grass is lame..sorry...and not something that you do..Being new to the whole keeping up with the Jones and no not withdrawals scumbags..I found myself really working the lawn thing..Some advice..don't use high end turf builder..the shit good and keeps working..I got a nice lawn that overnight..Water..the more you use the more the turf builder works and the faster it grows..turn off the damn timer and only water when heavy yellow dead patches appear..Weeds can count as lawn as long as you mow them..weed and feed is just what is implied it makes it grow faster to enjoy your summer my advice is screw the Jones..don't use lawn aids...and water is a resource that should be used sparingly..

Got me 2010 Streetglide that lost a wrist pin at 484 miles..Shops idea of a fix was patch it up..I wanted a new motor..It went to the top and after a 35 minute rant with the factory I got a good compromise..When it comes back in the next few weeks I will post some pics..

So the moral of Mondays story seems to be..Shit why the hell do they happen every seven days..Still had fun on the shovel yesterday..Just said later to the dirty one who has abandoned California for Idaho..Still full from the last supper...but don't have a hangover..and Super Troopers is a training video for law enforcement...Later..


Willy D said...

I hate to say that I’ve used that excuse. Every two weeks gota’ cut the weeds. Two houses across the street I mow also. Both old ladies around 80. I get a thank you and baked goods sometimes. They never seem to mind me tuning bikes in the driveway. One had her brother there till he died a few years back. He was 90 something and loved bikes. Ray could tell stories for hours. I miss him.

484 and they wanted to use bondo? Bullshit.

FLHX_Dave said...

WTF, you would think that these fuckers and their "Elite and Legendary" status would try a bit harder to get it right. Oh shit, I forgot...none of us know anything about bikes. We'z all stupid yuppy dumbasses now.

So, WillyD, now I know the truth about the law bit!

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DON'T HAVE A LAWN, OR FLOWERS OR ANYTHING THAT I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF FOR THE MOST PART. I have enough shit trying to put a wedge between me and my bike.

Anonymous said...