Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boycott the Boycotters...

That's right it starts here...LA you can kiss my ass..San Fransisco, Chicago and New York can get in line..Here we go 64% of Americans support Arizona protecting it's own if you think back that's about the number that were against health care.. Sort of gives you a good feeling to know that the majority of us still believe in the American way..but as for the rest of you we are boycotting your boycott..The way I see it is we win by holding our ground..

It's easy, no playing grab ass with Mickey not the mayor of LA the other one..Movies and music..the dodgers..lakers, cubs, bears, anything from New York..No fish and chips at the wharf in Frisco...don't buy from companies who do business in the commie fact do your best to find Arizona companies to shop and buy from..Stand up for what's our best to stop Nobama from recruiting these new voters..The bottom line is he needs them and these boycotters support him..Buy Arizona..

We gained 240,000 jobs last month..ya,,wait 85% were government jobs..Census anyone..Side bar to the Census worker who keeps leaving notes and knocking on my it something for you bubba..But we lost 253,000 jobs in the private sector..Growth and good things are happening are just how you work the numbers..We gave Greece $54,000,000,000.00 dollars that we had to borrow from the Chinese yesterday..after we did the Chile and Haiti deals..Can't create jobs, seal our borders or keep America safe but we can give money away..Oh...there are taxes in the health care bill that were just discovered..would anyone have guessed..But I hear it's helping the poor even today..

So were buried and we suck..but proof in the polls is that there are a majority of real true Americans out there wait to take back our country..Soon, Soon,,,Soon..Support Arizona..Later..


Lady Ridesalot said...

Right on Rat! When I heard about Mexico wanting it's citizens to boycott vacationing in Arizona, I thought WTF?? So what!

It made me want to start my own campaign. America! Let's go to Arizona for vacation! How better to make a statement to the boycotters, then to help Arizona become the vacation capitol of the US... with true blue Americans!

I think we still have a majority of sensible minded people in this country. I just hope we can convince the present Government of how displeased we are with their subservient behavior.

Sooner or later... somethings gotta give. I just hope it's not another Civil War, but it sure looks scary! Please pass the Tea, please!

Great post Rat... will you run for President? We need someone to go up there and kick ass and take names. I nominate you!

Willy D said...

I’ve already planed on boycotting those morons. I fly a flag. Got a new pole to install. Higher with the AZ flag underneath. Everyone that knows I’m doing it says it will stir up shit. My reply: “That’s the fucking point!”

I received ‘no’ census in the mail. Called and e-mailed my Rep. No reply. I really really hope someone comes knocking. I’m going to video the ‘conversation’.

Doug said...

CA gets about half their drinking water from us here in AZ and a good chunk of their electricity. I don't see them ready to stop buying that.

To get a look at what we're up against take a look at the hidden camera videos people are making down on the border:

ratone said...

arrogance and general is speaking out against the law and has never read is 10 pages long..None of these assholes have ever had a real job or had to work for a living..they spend our money like it was earned by them..they have no idea how hard we work for what we have..

Arizona Harley Dude said...

California is against Arizona's reform because they don't want them back! That's right San Diego paid a bunch of homeless and illegals to move to Arizona and gave names and addresses to sign up for government handouts. We start arresting them and they move back to California and your debt gets worse.

My school has been loosing kids daily and most haven't withdrawn, just disappear. The District has sent a letter home to promise they won't ask if their legal or not and intend to follow a Supreme Court decision that prevents schools from getting involved. We gotta do something because the economy is being sucked even dryer with people getting benifits illegally.

In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

Good post. :-)

FLHX_Dave said...

Right On. I'm actually thinking about moving out to AZ. I'm tired of being force to be a f'in victim out here in CA. If I defent myself or my rights I'm an be it.

I'm with yah on this one. AZ should cut off that water and shut everyone here in Cali the hell up.