Saturday, May 22, 2010

Riding not ranting,,well sort of..

The sun doesn't rise around the rants..but it's hard to escape the news..the doom the gloom..we are in place that is both self inflicted by our piers and painful to our both American's as we know it and people of freedom..So I turned of the news and tunred on the shovel..

Had some plans but they took a turn..or I took a turn..what ever it didn't happen..The weather is cool..too cool for this time of year but that just excites that old shovelhead..If it stays under 80 the beast just loves to run..Happy to help out I climbed on..Like a normal rat outing I have no destination, no place to be and nobody waiting for me to show..I just let the old dog lead the way, after all these years it knows what makes me smile..

So we find us some backroads to savor and cruise..It's what I enjoy and where I want to be..the shovel, the lonely roads and me..I can feel tension slipping away as we turn down the next avenue of hopes and dreams..I find my serenity in the roar of my pipes..I feel fresh freedom and let loose of my gripes..I take in the world as it flashes by me, I could slow down and enjoy but today the speed set me free..It takes a few hours but I get to where I needed to be..relax, rebellious..happy and me...

I seem to be at an age the doing what I have to do pisses me off but I do it,,Doing what needs to be done has become more important than do what I want to do..It's a hard change for young and not caring to the point you worry about the future..I skip that need time to take in the road..every time I do it quenches the soul yet I I tend to ignore the call of the wind in those times I feel the need..You know getting older sucks...LOL..ride on Friends..      


Lady Ridesalot said...

You NEED those rides... it keeps you balanced and lets the stress of life blow off of you!

Yesterday's ride was a reminder to me why I like to ride in the first place. For some reason... it was one sensory stimulation after another. All in the matter of 5 miles and 3 minutes... I raced with a train, I ducked low as I watched a small bi-plane buzz us on the highway (we were riding next to an airfield) and I busted through a cloud of fire smoke from someone burning an old barn in his field. My mind and was bouncing from one thing to another and all I could say was... "this is what it's all about".

I love my rides... I can't live without them.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Doing necessary/adult things has gotten in the way of riding for me. Necessary.....I hate that word, but it has to be done in order to ride this summer, so I suffer now to play in 30 days.

Funny how the adult world is still governed by the youthful wanderlust of an old guy.

Willy D said...

Getting old ain’t all that bad. Keeps me from doing the dumb shit again.
Just something about a Shovel. The 96 sat all weekend. I rode the Shovel. Having it between my legs makes me happy.
How’s the Glide?

ratone said...

Glide report will be out Tuesday..Ya..age..Never bothered me until I realize I am looking at the big five-oh..damn...things just sort of got weird thinking about it..but one thing still stands..I maybe older but I still refuse to grow up...LOL

Willy D said...

I hit that two years ago. It don’t mean shit. If anything, it makes you determined to have more good times.
I never said anything about growing-up. Just wise enough not to make dumb mistakes again.

ratone said...

Hey I still make dumb mistakes..but only the fun ones..

WooleyBugger said...

I hear ya. Getting old does suck but it sure beats the alternative.