Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NATO reviewing Arizona Immagration law..

Here we go...we have Hugo Chavez..China, Africa all the middle east digging there filthy hands into the Arizona Immigration law..So we have human rights abuses suspected..Watching the interview with the Mexican professor for Arizona who is part of the NATO human rights watch team he explained the reasoning behind it as there something more to this than the law..Arizona has an underlying problem..Ya fuck head they want to protect their citizens..the way it is should to be..If the federal government would do their job there would have been no need to pursue this law..that mirrors the federal law but only make it a misdemeanor to be here "ILLEGALLY"!!!!

Now let's look at NATO..who by the way are trying to undermine are right to keep and bear arms..watch this one to..Nobama has a plan and won't have to get his hands dirty..Here is a little history..Our founding fathers..

Thomas Jefferson's well-known quote. 'Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations. entangling alliances with none'. encapsulates perfectly their (Founding Fathers) view of the wisest foreign policy for America.

A famous portrait of George Washington depicts him holding a sheaf of paper emblazoned with the admonition. 'Beware foreign influence.'

Frankly, the entanglement in European affairs so central to this organization runs completely contrary to the ideas of our nation's founders. These brave men understood that freedom cannot survive within the confines of a centralized state.

How much worse then is the fate of American liberty when the arms of government are so extended that they reach, not simply to every nook and cranny of our own nation, but also to cover much of the globe as well?

What we must do is return our government to its rightful and constitutional functions, and the best way to begin that process is to end involvement in multilateral organizations that extend our commitments far and wide.

We have no business making commitments to foreign governments while we are breaking trust with our own nation's senior citizens, military veterans, and taxpayers in general.

Institutions like NATO are among the very worst of the global bureaucracies that always seem to continue to exist in search of a problem.'

So here we have a group that we fund..Commie Rat Bastards who live to screw America and the American way..Sort of sound like our president if you take in the big picture..Trying to undermine our hard earned life. liberty and the pursuit of happiness..We have to take care of our own..screw the rest of the world..Lock it down and keep what is our at home..


Willy D said...

What would happen if we ‘locked it down’ and brought all of our Military home? 99% of the Military are God fearing, flag waving, commie hating, America loving Patriots. Think they want all them here at one time? Hell no. They love this global shit. Put all them boys on American soil together? That may be the seed that starts some shit with our Fearless Leaders. They keep inventing shit for the Military to do, far away. They don’t want them here. I get the impression that most of the Military is really pissed at our government.

ratone said...

Well after Blobama's dog and knee pad show with the pez of Mexico today once I finished puking up my McMuffins and wondering WTF...What in the F'n world about illegal do they not understand..What is so confusing about we the people are tired of footing not just the Mexicans but the whole worlds bill..and when we speak they don't have a clue..well in few months they will listen..

Anonymous said...

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