Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ron Q..been 20 years and I never missed ya..

So I am sitting back in my seat of importance..soaking in the daily bullshit..pretending knowlege and genrally pissing people off..I hear what sounds to be a bored and stroke Briggs and Stration sputter into my parking lot..Seconds later through the door walks Ron Q..Now I had not seen this dirt ball stinking son of bitch in 20 I understand people change but for the most part a jerk off is a jerk off no matter how you pull it..Ron Q..was their king..

Now some of us age gracyfully..Ron was a wreck at thje age of 18 and took a real downward tumble..back 20 years ago he was missing his right front tooth..I may of had something to do with that..damn I though I could hold a grudge..Now he is missing his left front tooth and the right one is there..Someone who shared my feelings for him knocked it out of his dentures..damn..Well it ends up the friend of a friend of a friend told him where I was hanging..and he stopped by to say hello..I grab my wallet and pen..gonna put the dumb shit who passed along my name on the black list..

So after some small know the stuff..Hey how long has it been since you had a bath..and is that flea collar around you neck..conversation took a turn..Just wanted to say Hi..and show me his bike..Now not being a big fan of 1985 Yamawhopper Viagra or what ever they called them to get him out of the office I headed out the door..Lighting a candle as I left..So we stroll upon this piece of molded plastic and tin that looks like something designed by Dr.Spock and preperation "H" the question is layed to me..well what do you think..Now not being one to hurt some poor souls feeling I pass along a mild what fucking piece of junk..and before he could ask for any money said I got to go..and locked the office door until the matching pair were gone..

Now there is no moral or happy ending to the story..just had to pass a little time until I could unlock the door..and you all got picked to come along..see ya...


Willy D said...

Video surveillance and a mean ass dog.

FLHX_Dave said...

LOL! I, enjoyed this, beyond words! We all have one someplace...some more than one.

I have lived this. Sometimes hurting someones feelings is far more compassionate than enduring those special moments that are shared together...practicing this knowledge would lower the national homicide rate substantially...I just know it.