Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ride..

78 degree's in March..Shovels looking sweet...Made it through the night befores back roads full throttle test..Ya it will go a 100..So I decide to call the Dirty One..Hey Bro..think that old Pan is up for a burger run??? He just got him a Crossbones but that would take then fun out of it..Si Amigo we can ride..Cool my friend dress warm there is still snow on the ground up there..

When you just get your dream put back on the road sitting in the saddle you feel the sense of accomplishment..sorta like doing a super model without the sweat or can I use your cell phone stuff..So I hook up with Dirty at the local bucks..We share our normal welcome sneer as I am thinking this dumb ass is gonna freeze...Oh Well not my problem..We roll..that long missed sound of the straight pipes ringing through the streets..damn I really missed it..

We head up the first climb..we have did it for years..small one lane road,,nobody drives straight up the mountain for 12 miles..If you lose it just about any place your buzzard food but that is the draw..the reason..We bob, shift, pass and play..ya lifes good...The sun is slowing setting in the rear views..

Next 30 miles is sweet..Little more road to play with as you feel the temprature dropping we see snow..deer..and the road..Lot's of throttle play,,pipes echoing off the far away canyon walls..It's the life and what we live for..

Now the Roadhouse is a dump..always has been and I hope it always stays the same..Bloody burgers with over cooked bacon and burnt onions..Band was playing American Girl when we walked in and it was almost good..they went down hill from there but who cares..Big ass smile on my face I go out and find a rock..Hey Meathead wish you were it starts to get cold..time to ride..

Now if you have never been on a mountain at 5000 feet and looked at the stars on a clear night make it a point to do it..nothing we wind them up and roll back to reality..First burger of the year down..many more to come..miles and smiles friends..


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Willy D said...

Last year, mq01, FLHX_Dave and me, went over the Sonora Pass at night. About 9000’, so it’s got great switch-backs. Best part was pulling off for a smoke. Total darkness, star filled sky and the bikes crackling. Those Elk X-Crossing signs bum me out though.