Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Bye America..

Well the new American communist party betrayed the will of the citizens and passed a health care bill..They bought votes..lied..cheated..they placed the future of our country and our health in the hands of a government that can't run itself..They made it IRS the control point..that's right you don't show health care on your taxes they will hunt you down and fine you for not buying into the bullshit.. This is uge..for those who don't get it huge..

We have no jobs, we have no money..we are owned by China and the Arab states..We start paying new taxes today for something that does not go into effect for four years..Large companies like Caterpillar who will be forced to shell out 100 million dollars extra for the new costs will be making a run for the boarder..Small businesses will fold or just not burdens to an over burdened economy..fucking smart move..

We the people can now stop speaking out..continue to sit on our hands and whine as we get to experience the pain of this and wonder what we could have done to stop it..What did we do to stop it ???..write a couple of dumbass blogs and call it speaking out..Did we go to a rally or send an email..make a call..who knows but what ever we did it was not heard..Now my friends we pay the price for silence..



FLHX_Dave said...

WillyD and I are ready to ride! That makes 3 of us. The problem rat is no one is willing to give up the "stuff" and the fluff long enough to see a revolution through.

It was in the plan of the Elders Of Zion...they have actually pulled it off...they have made us so comfortable that we gave up the will to fight in favor of comfort.

They knew that they were doing.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said... said it all Man! I'm scared as hell what is becoming of my America. The place I feel free in! Eventually we will be like China...We will have government run health care, we will have to believe in the religion that the government tells us to believe in, we will not have art, music, the freedom of celebration, we probably won't even be able to have the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daytona Bike Week, or any other Motorcycle Event. People laugh at me when I say these things but seriously...only a bunch of dumbasses would pass a freaking bill that makes people buy health care. Just wait...Mr. and Ms. Liberal are really going to be bitching when 60% of their paycheck goes toward paying for this insane health care package. Once again they will be scratching their heads wondering why they followed like lemmings to the voting booths and voted for BO.

Oh and another question I have...have they found that birth certificate yet? Is he really a US citizen? BP gasoline. They are the only gas company that I've read about so far that do not buy Saudi Oil.

I better stop or this time I will be phone tapped. Oh wait...I don't have a landline. LOL

Willy D said...

I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I’ve gone to rallies and protest. I’ve contacted my reps. I’ve urged others to do the same. But this shit happens anyway. Government schools leaving out important parts of history. Huge segments of society raised on entitlements. Our government has turned into the same damn elite ruling class of the country we fought to end that crap. I fear we will need to do the same again. I have to die someday someway. If it’s to be in a revolt freeing this Country from the assholes trying to tear it down, then so be it. I’ll accept my fate and take a few with me.

1953/4/12 said...