Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the real terms..

Commrades, desenting Americans and forgien Dictators..

On the eve of a ball busting defeat I implore my fellow socialist in both houses to contue in the battle to force the unwanted healt care down the throats of the people who have no idea comunism is a good thing..Never stop..They will learn to like it..

I am proud to extend further benifits to my voting base..We can rob those who work to keep you home and happy..Enjoy..

To my camrade Nacy Pigosi..I pledge 8 billion dollars we will have to borrow from China for a train that shall never happen..Spend it like you earned Nancy..

George Bush is still to blame for my falures..he will be until the day I leave..he and his right wing flag waving racsist party have done everything they can to keep our country free..I vow to fight them until my last breath..or next payoff..

To the leaders of the world who I have tried so hard to blow in to friendship..please..and Hugo cut me some slack bro..

In closing I would just like to say..You people suck..I know what's good for you, you clueless thumpers..flag waivers..


Willy D said...

I see that we have the same opinion of that asshole.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Don't forget gun loving and truck driving. The tune has changed a bit since the election 2 weeks ago. That speech was just like his campaign.....long on feel good BS, short on reality.

He might be selling, but I ain't buying.

FLHX_Dave said...

Well...he did say a bunch of stuff that I have always wanted to hear a president say. Let's see if he cums in our mouth now...he's already got his dick in it. (that would explain my impulse to gag all the time lately...I was wondering.)

proswet654 said...