Saturday, January 16, 2010

Politically Correct,,the bitch right..

So I'm talking with the son of a buddy..he has a case of the red ass going over health care..sand kicking..hand gesturing rant..So I tell him..speak out..who did you vote for,,He says I don't vote it is a waste of time..Now the rant reverses..Hey have no bitch vote no voice..suck it up son..If you can find the time to whine, then you can find the time to have to earn your bitch right.. damn sad..send food, water, rescue ships and troops..but send million we have to borrow from the Chi-coms no way..Let the frogs bail them their problem..Hell the commies own us..but we keep borrowing..we can save our own asses yet we keep giving to others..where the hell does it stop..

On to the cool things..riding season in the Sunshine state fast do have a ton of work to do..wrenching may turn to and not touch it for a year..ya right..ride on friends and foe's..let life take you where ever the warm wind blows..    

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