Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So after years of Al Gore,loony left wingers, Green Peace and other far left entities like Europe sucking the blood out of hard working Americans we find out Global Warming is a farce..Well they just hide the overwhelming data that it was not and would not ever occur or that we could do nothing about it if it did..

This long term agenda put forth by these lunatics and sold to us by Al Gore has cost us hard working honest Americans Trillions of collars..yet where is the outrage..Once again we grab our ankles and ask for just one more silence..Al Gore has far outdone Bernie Madoff..why is he still walking the streets.. underwear bomber has all but been given citizenship for trying to blow up Americans in our country..In fact so far he has not been called a terrorist he is a disgruntled young muslim..and we muslim groups speaking out against the profiling of their kind at airports..Now let me get this straight..Name the last non-muslim to get on a plane and either fly it into a building or attempt to blow it up???..Short list right..

First the underwear bomber should be in a small room lined with neat tools like cattle prods, cordless drills,, dull wire cutters..water boards and other common tools of a through investigation..He is a fucking terrorist who tried to attack our country..Look forward to this becoming routine..

Things to look forward to in the coming year, Health care combined with the government owning your banking system..what more do they need to have complete control of our little puppet lives..our's coming..

Sit down and read our Constitution..a simple straight forward document that has been bastardized..Take a minute and see what is left and look at what is about to be taken..then figure out if you want to have your America back..Find a spine and then make a stand..     


FLHX_Dave said...

Heh...fuck yeah! whooooooooooo! Man, that whole rant just made me feel real good. Screw any racism that some puke would scream here because I don't recognize color for any cause, but looking at the man as a man...whether it be a terrorist, polititian or dickhead just really makes confusing sense now doesn't it?

It is what it treat it as such!!!!! It's really hard not to fall into some extremist group right about just might be the only thing that changes anything. Hell, anymore I think common sense is an uacceptable extreme.

Willy D said...

This whole cluster fuck that we call our government is reminding me of the movie “Red Dawn”. Except the enemy is coming from inside our borders.

Anonymous said...


Pug said...

Global Warming oh yeah the Gov't way of Saying Hey Voters here's anutha Tax were gonna screw you for

Actually Its a UK Election Year here similar Choices to you lot in that one parties Colours are RED (Labour) the Others are Blue (Conservative) but as we all know whomever you vote for there all Assholes

Then you have the Minor Parties , theres a Strong Feeling that a Radical Called the BNP (British National Party) will get a HUGE boost in Voters why ? well the Party only really has one agenda and thats there Immigration Policy that also includes the Policy to chuck people out

Lots of People are fed up with this Country allowing just about everyone an anyone to come and live here . Employment is at a High the State Benefit System is stretched to the point where its our biggest single handout to the Unemployed , then theres the Health Service this again is State Funded .

Biggest Story recently was about a bunch of Muslim Radicals ho wanted to stage a march though a Town carrying Coffins as a protest against the Afghaninstan Conflict . thing is they wanted to March though Wootten Bassett not a place i'm sure you Guys have heard of .

To Put it Simply when out Fallen Troops are brought home they fly into a RAF Air Base just up the Road from Wootton Bassett then the Hearse's take the Fallen though the Town , As a Mark of Respect all the Local People of that Town line the Streets to show there Respect to People who have Died Serving for there Country .

As you can imagine due to the Fact there have been quite a few British Troops Killed of late the Town and its people have been busy , its now become a very important symbolism to People the Gesture by this town and to think that some idiot muslim orginisation wanted to demean this has caused a serious amount of Rage .

So back to Govt for the first time in my living memory the Govt listend to the People , Banned the March andoutlawed the Group under anti terror laws

Yup coz its a Election Year an they wished to gain Favour with the Public simply because the Current Gov't is a long way behind in the Poles

Cynical me you bet yer ass i am