Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seems Ages Ago

Avtually it was Only Last Year i posted on here , so how is everyone doing now ? made any plans for the start of the new Decade ?

I actually managed to get out on the Harley on the first Day of the New Year took a ride down to see some friends at a Club i know the fact that on Offer was a Free Hot Meal and a Warm Drink had nothing to do with it oh no , actually the Chilli an Rice was fucking wicked as was the Company

Really really enjoyed the Ride but fuck me it was a bit cold , bikes running fine adn theres 2 small mods gonna happen to it in the near future one will make carrying beer easier the other should in theory improve the ride qualitly for the front forks somewhat

Country has benn stuck in a Ice Age here it seems for the last two weeks its not like we had lots of Snow but as usual no fucker knows how to drive in anything bigger than 2" of laying Snow , Schools were shut , roads were closed and loads of dickheads were panic buying bread , milk and butter .

Thankfully know the Rain has arrived so its getting Milder and Tuesday Coming up i'm pff tp Pay my Last Respects to a Friend who was taken from myself and many friends and family too soon

Been a bit of rocky start so far but onwards an upwards

take care all of yer


ratone said...

Brother Pug..Good to see your still kicking..sorry for your loss..and don't be a stranger..

FLHX_Dave said...

It's gonna be a kick ass decade. Mark my words here on this.

Get ready for a real wild's going to be crazy!