Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirty One..

Shit happens, woke up to the sound of someone trying to get in my front door Friday night..No need need to jack one in the chamber just slide off the safety..Hey if it ain't loaded it's no better than owning a rock I sneak down the hallway hoping to use up some old ammo..a greasy ass head pops through the door..Fuck bro put that thing down..Damn Ernie you should of called..I did you broke dick dog..your phones off..Oh yea I hate that thing..Dirty and his better half had arrived..I forgot all about it..Make yourself at home I got to do the slave thing in the morning..

My bro came to get that oil dripping greasy bag pan out of my way..and get in some ride time..Saturday is out my friend..well maybe a short in the evening..Instead we fired up the grill a shared old times and new times..expanded on old stories and created new..laughed about the good and bad..Talked about how it just is not the same not sneaking off and getting in late night burger runs,,casino Maria's cooking till we were ready to explode..

Sunday morning as the suns cracking over the Sierra Nevada's the sound of the old pan and the shovel fill the driveway, to the dismay of neighbors I'm sure..As we roll out heading to the we climb towards pine flat lake the sun starts to warm our bones..blasting pipes warming the soul..It's comfort that's been missing since the Dirty One made his run for the boarder..the shit eating grin on his ugly mug tells me he feels it too..

Grab a total grease bomb burrito at Doyles..together with the worst cup of horse piss ever that was apssed off as coffee..self inflicted injury..knew better..we head towards Wonder Valley..If you ever ride through what you will wonder is why anybody would want to live there..The rattlesnakes move out in the we head for the giant redwoods..maybe a stop a Snowline..tell some lie's about all the fights we won..and lost there over the years..We rolled..hard and fast..morning wind alive and well..

Rolling through the park..just slowing down to take in the Big tree's, General Grant and Sherman..and the rest of the true giants..If you have never seen them make it a point..we head towards 245...old huants..old friends and a ride long over due..

Hit the Mountain House..rice burners packing the lot..we find a spot in the back and shut them down..The Sunday bad band trying to be cool..Couple of old time gypsy leather clad brother sitting in the back as we order a belly bomb burger and head back..been a year since I crossed path with Rey and Too Tall..had a good lunch with good hard riding friends..and started the last leg of the summer..

As we rolled off the last rolling hill at the end of what was to be a short day that went long..a high five at 60..a couple of passes through small burgs with the pipes screaming..a little to fast..a gear to high and that catch me if you can attitude we brought them home..Life's good as we load the pan in the trailer and head in to see what the boss cooked up..gonna miss ya my greasy safe.. 


Willy D said...

Safety? What’s that?

Life goes on. Friends come and go, shit happens. One thing will always remain; greasy ass road-food is ‘always’ worth the ride.

FLHX_Dave said...

Man, I think I got an ulcer reading that.

Sounds like a worthy day. Brothers and Grub. What more can a dude ask for.

ratone said...

Damn and I thought the four food groups were greasy, cholesterol, caffeine and nicotine..Where did I go wrong..