Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can't avoid the void..

I have tried to kick my political habit..I have grown weary of the system as a hole..I spelled that's a hole, big hole..let your mind wonder..It's seems every new election the shit slinging grows larger and the answers grow smaller..nobody has a plan..They all is the Rat's insight..

First let's touch on the power they have bankrupted the country..not just future generations but in one really cares anymore..The end is near..those who have spoken out have grown weary..The steams gone from the's why...

The Grand Ole Party..Republicans..have dropped the ball..Nothing on the table, set back and let the country fall apart..No plan just sit back and wait,,in my humble way of thinking makes them just a dumb as the N'Obomakins..But then again nothing being done might be better than what has been done..maybe..then we have the tea party..

Labeled as wacko's and racist..demeaned by the left and shunned by the right..To far out there..I begin to wonder if when the founding fathers of our great country decided screw the king were stepping out on our own if they were labeled wacko's..I am thinking so..Now the only problem I see is how long can they keep it going..will it fade away like Ross Perot..only time will tell..

The Rat's thinking nothing will change..I'm gonna do the same thing in the voting booth I have done for years..Follow the R's...never marked a D yet..and wonder when we as Americans will stand up and take our country back..just a thought..


Willy D said...

The founding fathers? I’m sure they were labeled as sheep f#uckers, Indian lovers and the state sponsored religion bashers of their time. Damn glad they were.

ratone said...

The farther we get into this election the more I think the Chinese had it right, executing politicians and lawyers might be a good place to start..You know what they call a lawyer who can't make it in private practice..Mr.Senator, Mr. president or your honor..damn..