Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Kid on the block..and I mean chopping block..

Just rolled in the door...Damn thing made me want to be a cop..well almost..All the cop stuff is gone,,but it has a brand new 103 Screaming Eagle..Before I take the torch to it anyone interested..Drop me a line and I will send you pics..if not,,well we will see what it turns out to be..

Shovel may get to go back together for one last run..don't think I will get the old dog done before Slab City..and we are going to Slab City so..back together it goes...Rat Rods, old Harley's and punk rock..I can't think of a better way to spend the 50th..


Willy D said...

Screw it. Take a torch to it. It’ll be fun.
What’s Slab City?

ratone said...

Slab City, Salton Sea California..Nov.6..Be there..

I played around with some idea's on how to do a cop want to put to use some of the extra this thing should turn out pretty cool..or a big ass rat..either way it works..

Willy D said...

Ride there and back. Sleep in the middle of nowhere. Eat greasy road-food. And listen to some bands trying for their 15 mins. Sounds like a Hobo run. I’m working on the expenses.