Saturday, September 4, 2010

Configuring it out...

When the brain fart storm hit I knew what I wanted..Hardtail rat..when reality stroked me and the hazy memory of my hardtail pan set in I went to work on the design at the swing arm...Easy right..not so fast..I have a fatboy rear I want to run..with the new brakes..I also want to drop the ass end another 1 1/2 inches..

Now it becomes geometry..Widen the swing arm an inch, move the shocks..Make them work and clear a fender..Geometry lay them down..forward on top or back at the bottom..shorter shocks, less travel..upper brackets have to be changed..lower brackets will be wider as I stretch the swing arm..Off to the drawing board..

For those who have never experienced this it can be as good as the ride..The sense of accomplishment..the frustration that turns to smiles as you see it come together..let the fun begin.. 

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