Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday short ride, three days later..LOL

Shit happens,,went for a coffee and ended up in the desert..Been awhile since I did the biker thing and wore the same smelly oil drenched jeans and sweaty shirt of a few days straight..feels good, stiff but good..The old shovel is struggling to make it through the summer..30,000 miles maybe wishful thinking. Got a little vibration that's turning into a shake..Oh well shit I sold the hot rod before it made me into road splat so it's time to go shopping I guess.

I had been trying to sit down with some old timers, history lesson on the life, the love and brotherhood of bikers..Old Rey was in Hollister in 1947..Angels Camp and Altimont..Gizmo has been around since dirt..been there and done that..and a couple of more who I will save for later..You might have to buy the book..

When the dirty one called and said you might wanna got out to Rosamond you wannabe pen monkey I figured it was good..well more than good, not often you have a chance to sit down with a few legends and listen to stories that you have read the time life or local news paper versions of..I never thought twice, shifted gears and turned south..

Now at first glace you start thinking on the ride down is spending a few days with these 70 and 80 years guys, their kids and grand kids what you really want to do..well I'm closer to 70 than 20, these are the people who can fill in the blanks and I'm a sucker for a good story, or a fish tale..I had meet a couple of these guys when they were in their prime and still kicking ass..Not much has changed other than a few years and the booze flows a little slower..

I enjoyed myself, I shot about 300 pictures with disposable cameras..I will post some of the rides..you will think back and smile..I need a shower and some meat with salt on it..ha..no more oatmeal damn it..sorry had to do it..Looking back was both enlightening and exciting..I have about 30 pages of notes that were stuck into an inside pocket..I can see in my mind the stories coming to life..myths will always be myths but a view from the other side of the street in long overdue..I hope I can do some of the tales as well as they were told by those who were there..Thanks for opening the door and letting me in to your world..



mq01 said...

sounds like a great time. i have always loved the old times stories (not old timers LOL..since im thinking im a old timer now too), very cool

ratone said...

Hearing a story from 40 something years ago from three old bikers who were there can be both interesting and hilarious..The way we all can see the same thing and it registers so different in our minds is a trip..and I know for a fact now bikers are better at making the fish bigger than fisherman.. :)