Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Bumper in the Rear View..

Got one of those 4am calls of the bro's had did a little drinking and it turned into a little fighting and he got caught leaving on the scoot..DUI..So mamma calls raising bail and I like a handful of others head to the rescue. Damn glad I put those days behind me..but shit happens and they would have done the same for me and who knows someday I still might need them so all is fine..I had work that need to be done later and the temperature was hanging around the ride me mark so I fire up the shovel and head for downtown Fresberg with the sun coming up..

With the dirty deed done and numb nuts about to wish they left him in lock up cause I'm pretty sure his sweet loving wife only bailed him out so she could have her shot at him I rolled back to the shack..Jumped on the 99 and rolled it to about 75 in the center traffic..Then out of no where comes this Accura right dead up my ass..Now the Rat in planted in the lane and the pimply face dweeb has either the left or the right to make his exit but no he has to see how fucking close he can get..Now I can tell ya the only thing moving from where I was sitting was my blood pressure..and it was setting speed records going up..This went on for about five miles until zit boy went right and headed for the Madera Steet exit..Nothing there but gas and Mickey D's so I think I'll pull off too..if I can miss the big yellow barrels..

Now as luck has it he pulls into the parking lot and there's an empty hole right beside him..Now a couple of things going in here..the last thing I want to do is kick some young ass at 6:30 in the am when I just handed over my bail money to someone else and the second thing would be if it goes that direction it would be OK too..So I pull up tight, there is no way the kid can exit without having to work around the him pinned and the light comes on..I shut it down and drop the lid and the goggles and start working the evil eye..many years of practice and I'm told I got a decent I'm going to rip your head off stare so I use it on Jr..Slowly reach up and unzip the leather and slide my hand inside nice and slow..Now zit boy was holding his own for a few seconds there but this move get's him a little wide eyed..I pull out a smoke and fire it up..Just a reminder I don't plan on leaving soon..Now not a word has been said, no threats and his mirror is still in place..but he is starting to squirm and I guessing the inside of that cage is shrinking fast..he's young, I would venture to guess it's mothers car and he thinking he ain't that hungry after all..He starts the car and slowly, carefully backs out..I'm thinking pimple boy will be just a little more respectful when he rolls up on one of you next time..

Well with the blood pressure dropping some where under 400 I get a craving for the 2 for 3 egg mac muffins..the best tasting one I have had in a long back to the shack..

Suns breaking over the hill this a hundred places to ride to but only one or two will get accomplished..In the normal Rat fashion I won't know where I'm going until I'm there..if it all works out I'll tell you about it..FTW friends ...See ya..



Allen Madding said...

nicely played!


mq01 said...

yikes. glad it turned out ok.

FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmm...well, firstly you have my respect for helping out a brother. Whether he was right or wrong you were still there for him. You have gained some status in my eyes.

Secondly...your an asshole bro but that is why I am going to thank you for teaching an object lesson that just might make someone else pull their mellow out of the ass patch.