Sunday, April 1, 2012

You would have never thought..

So the heat of the political season is upon us..I have given up..Drawn the conclusion that the only winners are the politicians..Mitt is not a conservative,,in fact he is a lighter skinned Nobama..Been buying votes since 1994 and gonna buy a chance to be president this time from the looks of things..Failed governor..Keeps his cash off shore..can't beat his opponents but can out spend them..10 to 1..Could be the anti-Christ..Didn't I say this the last time I quit..I'm tossing in the towel and will vote for any independent just to keep my bitching rights active..

Really...this is not an April fools joke..we have to many fools in this country to begin with..I see no difference in either Mister Buy the Job..or Mister I can't do the job..Status Quo gets you farther in the hole..When a politician backs a politicians grab you KY's gonna hurt..

So I guess I'm gonna have to start penning new topics again..maybe some bike stuff,,,end of the world stuff..nuclear violation of the earth..Maybe chase some air Nazis.Maybe start telling stories...So the top ten reasons to vote for Mitt..

  1. Nice hair
  2. Bad Jeans
  3. Doesn't mind you having multiple wives
  4. Wont leave watermelon seeds and chicken bones laying around the white house..
  5. Likes firing people..
  6. Knows where to hide money from the IRS
  7. Father was a successful illegal alien
  8. Wont have mariachi bands in the rose garden
  9. Clueless about the real world..
  10. Will change his mind and underwear daily
I know the picture doesn't fit..but I was dreaming of Oz when I scribbled this garbage..


Bitchy said...

#6 is my favorite but betwwen tax hikes for mw and insurance increase I have none to hide...
On another note dude I have a house in OZ (kansas) Boring flat and haves no curves, just saying...;D

Dick Tracy said...

Minus the chicken bones & watermelon seeds, still dont eliminate the smell that prolly wont ever go away.

ratone said...

I was avoiding the afro sheen but now you brought it up...whoops

Willy D said...

At this point in time it doesn’t matter who the hell is in the Whitehouse. As long as it leads to another American Revolution in my life time. That’s the only ‘hope’ I have left.

ratone said...

Bro Willie, I agree..we have lost control..time to take it back..

What do you call a lawyer who failed in private practice? Mister President

How do you know a politician is lying..Their lips are moving...