Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaving Barfstow

Been over a year in this burg..Grown a deep dislike for it..Time to move on..Barstow has it's good does hell I guess..but here they go..

  1. No matter what time you go to Walmart you can get fresh pictures for the people of Walmart weekly photo shoot..
  2. You can wear your superman pajamas 24/7 it's the dress code..
  3. Dumpster divers have a union..
  4. Avoiding the bad parts of town is a breeze..Stay on Intestate 15 till the next town..
  5. You can eat anyplace..all the food tastes the same..Bad
  6. It's easy to score drugs..
  7. Rank #1 toothless town west of the Mississippi..
  8. Tattoos are cheap..Liquor stores are on every corner..
  9. No matter what you need no place will have it..
  10. There is so much jet fuel in the water smoking on the toilet has been banned..a life saver..
So moving on..I hope after reading this you feel my pain..if you do stop smoking what ever it is your smoking..Moving in to trucking..bad eyes don't matter as much when your handling 80000 pounds of truck..Of course it will never replace riding by feel..Never matter much in Barfstow by the way..If you were on a smooth road you knew you were riding in the dirt..

So adios you rotten, stinking dump..Gonna miss dealing with our troops,,they are a shining light..proud to have worked with and been part of what you ladies and gentlemen do and are doing to protect our freedoms..Stay safe my friends..Look out and the boys are heading your way..


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