Friday, February 24, 2012

Amazing Disgrace

Up early, Fox news and coffee overload..Seems are troops in Afghanistan burnt a Koran..Now the natives are pissed..So ignoring the first wenches food warning I break out my whole milk and a couple of chocolate fudge pop tarts and sit down to watch..Holy books have been used for years by prisoners to pass notes..nothing new up to the point we burned them..whoops..We also saved these idiots from Tierney..Gave our lives and poured billions of our dollars to help them live better lives..In return one of the Afgan soldiers we trained murdered in cold blood two of our hero's..

No what came out of the commentators mouth almost made me toss my tarts..The leader of our country issued an apology..Now not once but twice in two days..Nothing about the troops who died..Only how sorry he is about the burning of the Koran..An American president who would apologize to any nation after all we the American people have sacrificed for the people and nation of Afghanistan deserves to be tried for treason..We need to pull our troops and reduce our nuclear arsenal by turning the county into a glowing green uninhabitable pile of radio active dust..Let's do Iran to before it happens again..

God Bless America...Keep our people and our troops safe...Ride free..Rat...


Arizona Harley Dude said...

AMEN Rat!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have the right ideas. I say to hell with the musloid piece of crap stinking up the white house,AND his fatassed wife. We have watched as this trash has ran our nation into the ground, and the illegal parasites walk on the flag, and it is time for the musloid to be kicked out.